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GroupRev is the Premiere and Free Crowdfundraising Website

Welcome to the easiest and most affordable way to fundraise for your project, cause, trip or occasion. GroupRev allows you to raise money for any project, without having to pay website fees, commissions or hosting fees. The Grouprev site is totally free for any individual to build a personal fundraising page complete with videos, images, social media tools and more. The best part, you can have unlimited fundraising pages and accept unlimited donations without paying a commission to a website provider.

Beware of other websites that say “Signup Free” but really charge a commission of 5%-10% plus credit card fees later. Don’t be forced to pay a commission on top of credit card fees!

Are There Credit Card Fees When Using GroupRev?

Yes, while the GroupRev Software is 100% free, standard credit card fees do apply. The credit card companies (Visa, Mastercard and the rest) charge a small fee whenever a credit (or debit) card is used. GroupRev has teamed up with WePay to allow you to accept credit cards online donation directly with all the major companies (Visa, Mastercard, Discover and American Express) for only 2.99% + 30 cents a donation. So on a $100 donation, you will get $96.70. These small credit card fees are taken out of each donation by WePay

Although the credit card companies don’t waive their fees, accepting credit cards is always in your best interest. Our research has shown that donors are 3x more likely to give when they can pay with a credit card.

While we can’t do anything about credit card fees, we encourage you to collect payment with credit cards since its so much more effective than cash or check.

No Fees
Offline Methods

Can I Accept Non-Credit Card Donations?

If you collect cash, check or other forms of payment outside GroupRev (offline or via some other method), you can add those to your goal total absolutely free.

How can GroupRev Charge No Software Fee or Commission?

We are able to make the website completely free because we are supported by tiny donations from donors who decide to “tip” us for making the software free for you. This means when your donors contribute to you, they have the option of also giving us a small donation to keep our service free. This optional contribution goes to giving you the best service and zero cost. We leave it completely up to donors to decide whether or not to tip us.


Who’s Behind GroupRev?

GroupRev is created by a company called Webconnex, which makes really snazzy fundraising and event technology. GroupRev is 4 years old and has funded projects large and small all over the world. We originally created it to raise money for running events, supporting local schools and it has also helped build schools in Central America.

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