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Saudades de Itapuã

By Mestre Acordeon

One very clear and great memory of my youth was to have spent a couple of weeks in the fishing village of Itapuã, where no more than a few dozen shacks covered with palm trees were magically sprinkled on the white sands of the pristine beach and surrounding dunes. In a small center plaza there was a church, the house of 7 windows and a few simple houses. We returned many times to swim in the warm waters of the Atlantic, to lay down in the sun, to hear the birds singing and the buzz of beetles around. More than anything else, it was my pleasure of eating wild mangos, pineapple and pitangas from the surrounding vegetation. The waters seemed permanently dotted with fishing boats, and puxada de rede was a common sight.

Nearly a lifetime later, Itapuã has become an urban and overcrowded neighborhood of Salvador (Bahia) with problems of drugs, crime, violence, pollution and general chaos. At some point, my older sister who is a biologist, told me about her dream of rescuing the traditional system of fishing in Itapuã and to help re-engage the youth of fisherman with their previous culture. At the same time, I was taking students to Bahia to give them the opportunity of immersing themselves in one of the most relevant capoeira environments in Brazil. Fortunately I was able to buy a house for may sister’s project and also of accommodating students during our trips to Bahia.

On our first visit to this house where we stayed, some little kids playing on the street in front of us knocked on the gate and asked me if they could come in to play in the swimming pool. It took me a moment to realize that the “swimming pool” was the blue painted cement patio that we used for our training. Of course we invited them in and shared capoeira and time with them. Everyday more arrived, until the house was nearly a permanent center of interest for them. Even though my sister did some very good work in the direction of her idea she could not continue to realize her dream. However, with the help and commitment of my family, students, and friends the Projeto Kirimurê (PK) was born and has been surviving legitimately for 11 years now, serving the children of its neighborhood.

Through PK’s cultural center, local children between 4 and 16 years of age find a safe and nurturing environment through which they discover who they are, why they are special, where they come from, and how to find positive solutions to seemingly impossible problems. As the children of the neighborhood learn the game of capoeira, its music, history and philosophy, they develop physical and emotional strength, discover their roots and build self-esteem and character. Along with capoeira and related music classes, PK also offers literacy classes, homework help, psychological counseling, activities in health and environmental education, as well as field trips and a daily nutritious snack. PK works hard to engage the families of the children in all of the above work.

 Projeto Kirimurê is directly supported through the resources raised by the Capoeira Arts Foundation, a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization. Those resources come from generous contributions of students, sales of my musical CDs, books, donations through my workshops, some grant monies and creative fundraising initiatives such as this RODA-THON that will take place on July 23rd. My goal is to give back to the generations of children whose ancestors gave myself and countless others the beautiful and invaluable art of capoeira. 

Because of an upcoming back surgery, I will not be able to travel as much as necessary to raise funds for the Projeto Kirimurê in 2017. So, I am betting on the goodwill and collaboration of our students and friends to contribute to this 2016 RODA-THON. Although it takes place on 7/23, this crowdfunding page will be open for donations through August 13th.

Thank you for any donation you may give.


What is the Roda-thon?

The Roda-thon is a pledge based fundraiser in which participants play as many capoeira games as possible. As in many fundraisers of this nature, participants will look to raise funds through our extended networks of family, friends, coworkers, neighbors, etc. Participants will search for sponsorships on a per game basis, or by asking for a flat contribution. Suggested minimums are $1 per game or a flat contribution of $20, but any and all contributions will go a long way to helping us achieve our goal. All contributions are tax deductible to the full extent of US tax laws.

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Thank you for joining me!

Christine Mulder aka Caipirinha $100.00
patricio silva do vale $100.00
Movimento Novo
Mestrasso, Fazendo a contribuição minha e do Ferradura. Não é muito mas é de coração. Todo o sucesso ao Projeto Kirimurê, Paulinha e sua equipe. Talvez consigamos nos ver em Salvadoir estarei por lá no dia 28 e 29 de Agosto para celebrarmos nossos aniverários! Virginianos. Abs. Axé
Best wishes from Sossegu and his parents...
Henry Gummerson
From Denver
Much love to Projeto Kirimure!!
Garret Schultz $20.00
Anonymous $100.00
Narizinho $50.00
Good luck for PK!
Harvey Bograd
Best wishes from Colorado . Wonderful to support projeto Kirimure!!
Branca de Neve $25.00
Hillary Harding $25.00
amy barsky
Ie viva meu Mestre!!!
Mata Mosquito $100.00
Mestre, I am so ready to play lots of games in the Roda-thon!
Jedediah "Maromba" Gildersleeve
Keep up the good work Mestre. Obrigado for all that you do.
Susan Pike
Mestre! Thank you so much for visiting us in Davis and all of the great work you are doing with this wonderful project. See you Saturday!!
iê viva meu Mestre
Mestre Mago e Contramestra Bel
Somos o Mestre Mago e Contramestra Bel do Centro de Capoeira São Salomão e apoiamos totalmente esse Projeto.
Tako Oda $50.00
Artem Chubaryan
Boa sorte Mestre.
Um prazer estar contribuindo com esse grande projeto mestre Acoredeon .Axe.
Carol Ciavonne
Kirimure is such a good thing in a world that sometimes seems full of bad things. Thanks for your generosity in providing it!
Professor Scuzzi, Group Senzala UK
Congratulations Mestre Acordeon on your amazing Project and long may it continue to provide education and support to those children who need it most!
Tako Oda $30.00
Woody Wu $30.00
Gabriella $30.00
Jae Shin
Boa sorte para as crianças do PK
Sem Osso $30.00
Gary Resendes $30.00
Viva Kirimurê
Leo Fernandes
Viva Capoeira
Vivian Dai
Viva Kirimurê
Linda Ohama
Viva Capoeira
Alex Patz
Viva Kirimurê
Vanessa Pezua
viva Kirimure
Ellen Bracken
Viva Kirimurê
Mariano Wechsler
Viva Kirimurê
Caminhado para a meta traçada
Obrigado Mestre pela oportunidade de fazer parte do projeto. Saudades.... Espero te encontrar em breve
Mestre, I am sponsoring because I don't want you and Mestra to on a long trip again. I miss you both when you're not at the school. I will pledge $1.00 per game, with a max of 10 games... I need to look after you and my piggy-bank. Let me know how many games you play!
Canto Do Galo
Thank you for all that you are to us, and all that we do together.
Vento forte é capoeira dentro do seu coração!
Mestre Acordeon & Friends of Kirimurê $3,921.00
Mestre Acordeon $3,921.00

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