2016 Roda-thon for PROJETO KIRIMURÊ : Chris Montiel - Recruta

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Hello Friends and Family, 

Many of you know about my passion for capoeira.  This passion extends beyond my own practice and into the desire to help others through my capoeira community.  I am working with the Capoeira Arts Foundation in a sponsor-based event to raise funds for 2016 Roda-thon for Projeto Kirimurê

This project and fundraiser is very dear to my heart as I have had the opportunity to visit the project periodically over the years and see first hand the impact that it makes on the children of Projeto Kirimure's lives.  I have had the chance to see some of the children grow into young adults who can now see past their difficult circumstances to see a future beyond their neighborhood.  My Mestre(Master), Mestre Acordeon says that capoeira has the power to transform lives, well I know how it changed mine and see how dramatically it has transformed the youth of Projeto Kirimure.  

Will you help us keep Projeto Kirimure going strong by sponsoring me in this year's Roda-thon?  Any about will go a long way.  A flat donation of $5 here, $20 donation there, a larger donation if possible, maybe a sponsorship per game that I play, you decide. I will be grateful for any contribution that you can make

You can give with any major credit card and it only takes 30 seconds. I appreciate it so very much.

Why are we raising money?

The main goal of the Roda-thon is to help contribute to the sustainability of an at-risk youth program called Projeto Kirimurê (PK), in Itapuã, Bahia, Brazil. Once a small fishing village, this community has become overrun with urban crowding, pollution, poverty and the high prevalence of violence and drug-related crime.Through PK’s cultural center, local children between 4 and 16 years of age find a safe and nurturing environment through which they discover who they are, why they are special, where they come from, and how to find positive solutions to seemingly impossible problems. As the children of the neighborhood learn the game of capoeira, its music, history and philosophy, they develop physical and emotional strength, discover their roots and build self-esteem and character. Along with capoeira and related music classes, PK also offers literacy classes, homework help, psychological counseling, activities in health and environmental education, as well as field trips and a daily nutritious snack. PK works hard to engage the families of the children in all of the above work.

The Capoeira Arts Foundation is a not for profit 501(c)(3) organization that has been dedicated to supporting Projeto Kirimurê since 2005.

Click here for more info about Projeto Kirimurê

Thank you for joining me!

Alan $30.00
Christian White
AWWWWWW YEAH!!!! Its going to be another great year helping the project grow as good old fashion capoeira commences. Best wishes for the PROJETO KIRIMURÊ. Cheers!
vik $50.00
Anonymous $120.00
Anonymous $447.00
Julissa Villalobos $40.00
Nancy Loquellano $25.00
Bush and Wu
Love to the Capoeira Family and Community. Mike and Melba (and Martin)
Bo Tanque $20.00
Jarrel phillips $20.00
Axé projeto jirimurê
What a beautiful cause. Hope you reach your goal!
kelly kim $20.00
Rama Deva $20.00
Colleen and Toby $200.00
Sulaiman Banwal
Recruta, Sorry I couldn't be there, but I will be with you all in spirit. Have great games and enjoy. Viajante
Mimi $100.00
Leao Preto $25.00
Mestre Acordeon
Precisa de mais proteina...
Artem Chubaryan
Tweety $10.00
Masataka Ohara
Hi CM Recruta! Hope this finds you well. Akiko and I watch Capoeira videos you play sometime and talk how wonderful time it was with UCA Haywards crews.
Artem Chubaryan
Anonymous $50.00
Eder M Sousa
Bom Jogo!
Rachel Jujuba Suson $20.00
Tyra Herr
Happy to support! Axe'
Sarah Kotzamani $50.00
Anonymous $20.00
Let's go Kirimurê
Mike McKaigg
UCA Hayward $8,304.00
Chris Montiel Recruta $1,928.00
Cody Ferreira $1,859.00
Joanna Rico $837.00
Ati Popoola $500.00
Ashley Nulph -Paciencia $75.00
Rosaura Mendoza $110.00
Christian Perez $250.00
Meagan Slagle $245.00
brandon agawa $2,500.00

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