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Jill Labiosa's 2019 NY 5K Fun Run & Walk to Fight Lymphedema (LE) & Lymphatic Diseases (LD)

Saturday, 10.19.19 9:00 am - Riverside Park, NYC - The Overlook @ Riverside Dr. & W. 103rd St. Learn More
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Hello to all of my Friends and Family! I am so excited to announce that once again, I will be walking in the 10th Annual New York 5K Fun Run & Walk to fight Lymphedema & Lymphatic diseases. As most of you know, I have suffered with primary lymphedema for over 40 years. This journey has not been an easy one, but I am here to say that this illness has not stopped me from living my life as fully as one could with such a debilitating disease.

It all started in 1977, as a young and healthy teenager, I went to bed one night and woke up the next morning with a swollen right leg. After several years of painful testing, hospitalizations, sleepless nights and pain and suffering, I was finally properly diagnosed by a world renowned vascular surgeon at NYU Hospital. My treatment plan included manual lymph drainage, massage, pumps and compression stockings.

Fast forward to present day, unfortunately treatment is still as antiquated as it was back in the day. I am so honored to be part of The Lymphatic Education & Research Network because this amazing organization has made it their goal to one day find a cure for lymphatic disease through research and education. Did you know that over 200 million people across the world suffer with lymphatic disease? More people suffer with a lymphatic disease than those with ALS, AIDS, Parkinsons, MS and MD combined. To me, those numbers are astounding, and thinking back to when I was first diagnosed, I know I felt like I was the only one in the world who suffered with this disease.

The Lymphatic Education & Research Network is making great strides every day, but we still have a long way to go to get treatment and find a cure for lymphedema. It’s been a long road for me, but I still continue to remain hopeful that a cure will be found in my lifetime. With the love and support of my friends and family, I have been able to tackle lymphedema with a positive outlook. At this time, I am asking for your support by donating to this wonderful organization in honor of my personal struggle and the struggle of so many that are affected by lymphatic disease.

If you'd like to walk with me on October 19th in Riverside Park, please be sure to REGISTER so we know you'll be there. Looking forward to a beautiful day, where we will walk for such an amazing cause!

Thank you for joining me!

Selma spieler $15.00
Diane Lennon Gioia $100.00
Chelsea Sandler
Have a great walk. We are so proud of you! thank you for all you do for us. love stacey and poppy
Beth Alice
Love you Jillybean. See you tomorrow!
Sam Antonacchio
happy to support this cause! <3
Praying they find a cure. Bless you for what you do.
Delfina Villegas
Wish I can donate more; you know I’m behind you in this fight & will always support you.
Julie Prince
My sista friend forever...I love you for your compassion and your devotion and your strength to anyone and evryone who surrounds you. I'm there to walk; can't: wait!
Sharon & Stacie Sklanka
Stacie and I are walking with you in spirit! Sending our love and support. Love ya, Sharon & Stacie
Deborah Ubogy
Sorry I won't be there; ofcourse I'm working. Hoping to make it out there with Olivia next year. Fuck LE & LD! Hoping they make waves and find out more in years to come. Xoxo
Rena and Larry
I know how much this organization and research means to you! Love you Jilly!
Isabel Lazo
Love you honey, wish I could do more but I’m always here for you!!!
Beth, Travis, & Marlin
Have a great walk! Sorry we’ll miss it!
Andy Joseph $75.00
Oliver the Frenchie
Tom Owens
We love you Jill. You do more than most people I know
leyeta Ossakow
I hope they find a cure for one of my dearest friends .I am soo prouds of you! Keep up your great work!
You go Auntie Jill. Love, Mimi
Devon Eisenberg $25.00
Joseph Downey $50.00
Sallyann Filosa $50.00
Michele Santora
God bless you my childhood friend. And sending prayers to you and everybody that’s suffering from this horrible disease
Lisa andreassi $25.00
Lauren, John and Joey
Excited to walk on October 19th in honor of this amazing cause!
The Jones Family
Have fun!
Have fun on your walk! I hope you have beautiful weather and are surrounding by friends and family supporting you.
Jackie Triche
Good luck with your walk!
Judith Rodriguez $50.00
Christine Barr $15.00
Val n Bobby n Cheryl n Jax
Carole D.
Hi Jill, you are a truly an inspiration! I Cannot wait until the day we are doing these walks on the moon! How fabulous would that be? Love ya girl! See you on October 19th!
Susan Rosino $50.00
Elizabeth Eshelman
Helen &Ira Katz
Always happy to donate to you for this worthy ‘ya!!!❤️
Wish I could be there this year!! Love you Jilly!!!!!
Donna O’Byrne
Keep up the good work
Martina Francesca Carravetta
Alicia Benjamin
Wish I could be there with you this year
Susan Flood $50.00
Danny & Bo
We love you and want you to feel good always!!
Stacey Labiosa
Can’t wait to walk by your side & kick Lymphedema’s A$$!!! you so much <3
Ellen Clancy
“Walk on, with hope in your heart, and you’ll never walk alone”
A small amount to kick things off. You go girl!!!

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