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Nicks Ninjas

Saturday, 10.19.19 9:00 am - Riverside Park, NYC - The Overlook @ Riverside Dr. & W. 103rd St. Learn More

Hi Friends and Family,

I know most of you are already aware that Nicholas lives with lymphedema in his left leg. Although his leg swells at times causing discomfort and sometimes pain, Nick continues to be a smart, caring, lively 8 year old boy. We are fundraising for the Lymphatic Education & Research Network and raising money for 2019 NY Run/Walk to Fight Lymphedema (LE) & Lymphatic Diseaes (LD). 

I sincerely appreciate your support in our efforts to raise awareness and for research. We are truly blessed to have a support system that supports our fight and fundraising efforts each year. 

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Thank you and all the best!

Christina Galasso-Hernandez $50.00
Alex McDonald Sneddon $100.00
Marie Thomas & Robin Gallo $30.00
A Plus Settlements, LLC $250.00
Digger's Ales N' Eats $100.00
I hope you guys reach your goal. Keeping your family in my prayers . Your husband is a great man it’s been a real blessing getting to know him the last 2 months at work .
JP Carragher $20.00
Felicia Paura
Go Ninjas!! :)
Denise Doyen $25.00
Joseph Coppola
Stay strong Nick !
Alice Houseknecht $200.00
Jonathan Birkhahn
We are happy to contribute to such a worthy cause. Jon Birkhahn and Alexis Brosen
John Hummel
All the best Christina
Michael Dickson
KL Wealth Strategies
Nicks Ninjas 2019 NY Walk
The Gorny’s $100.00
Laura Donnelly $100.00
Dee Clay $50.00
Tammi Stoddard
Good luck in reaching your goal!
Charlene Osterberg $25.00
Amanda Terwilliger
Good luck!!!
Sara $20.00

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