2021 Boston Bulldogs Marathon Team_Catharina

The Boston Bulldogs 2021 Marathon team are training together and raising funds to support Boston Bulldogs programs and wellness for ALL those affected by addiction - needed now more than ever. Learn More
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My name is Catharina and I am running the 2021 Boston Marathon in full support of the Boston Bulldogs Running Club. My family and I have been Bulldogs (and Junior Bulldogs) for over 4 years and  I have had the great honor to serve on the Board of Directors of this lifesaving organization. Over the years there have been so many Bulldogs including some of my 2021 marathon teammates that have provided amazing peer support for a number of my patients. 

I am incredibly proud and committed to honor this Club that has created a community of compassion, support and healing for all of us affected by the disease of addiction.

I sincerely appreciate your support for this fundraiser and my goal. You can donate now and by hitting “Give Now” on the upper right with any major credit card. 

Thank you for joining me in support of wellness!

Anonymous $2,000.00
Cheryl Marks
Thank you, Catharina, for all you do to help others!!
Jan Hobin
Thanks for raising money for such an important cause! I'm lucky to call you my friend! <3
happy holidays
Laura Kehoe
Good luck Bulldogs and Catharina!
Greg Conley
Boston Bulldogs does great work helping folks battling addiction. Keep up the very valuable work!
Daniel Passacantilli
Bernard Armstrong
Rotenberg Family
You are amazing!
Michael Rafferty
Good friend of Colm’s. God bless with your efforts
Donna White $50.00
Leonard & Patricia Rosenthal $50.00
Andrea W.
Strong work Catharina and great race- congratulations!!!
Ruprect from Vancouver
Catharina- best of luck in the marathon and hope you make your goal of donations and any personal time goal you have set to finish. Love from Olwyn, Michaela, Luke and Philip in Vancouver.
Andy Goldberg
Congrats on the marathon Catharina!
Leah Connor
We'll be rooting for you!!!
Bill O’Brien
You may have needed help driving but you can certainly run!!!! Go Catharina!!!
Alex Walley $100.00
Jessica Gray
Holly Harney & Susan Cistoldi $200.00
Tricia Ballou
You are truly an inspiration, Catharina, and I am so proud to know you! Good luck today!
Bulldogs Fundraiser at catharina and David's $220.00
Eric Yeh $100.00
Daniel Armstrong
Good Luck tomorrow Catharina !
John Larkin
Good luck Catharina.
Jeffrey Leavitt $50.00
Robert and Sheryl Browne $50.00
Charlie Watts
https://tabs.ultimate-guitar.com/tab/the-beatles/hey-bulldog-bass-681900 “ Hey Bulldog”
Antje Barreveld
You go girl. So happy to be running this with you.
Steve Savage
Hello Catharina, It was kind of you to stop by Saturday morning to invite folks to your house for poetry and pizza. I plan to run Mikes 5 k in Milton. Steve P.S. Your Kids were so kind giving me pizza I had three slices and now need to jog more.
Sheila Cusack
Run, Catharina, run! You're an inspiring Bulldog!
October 2 fundraiser $785.00
Patrick Hoey $50.00
Chris, Megan, and Jameson O’Connell
We are so proud of you and the team. Chris, Megan and Jameson O’Connell
Your Friends Love You!
You are Amazing!!! Good luck with your fund raising and marathon! You are an inspiration for all of us. Love you!
Paul White
Have a great run Dr. Armstrong!
Siobhan Foley
Run cousin run!!
Dr. Catharina Armstrong
Have a good run, Plinks!
Sarah L Perry
Go Dr. Armstrong! Thank you for running, for ALL your incredible work, and for the inspiration you provide to me and to so many. xoxox
John Cadigan
Go Catherina!!
Mark Eisenberg $50.00
Alicia Abad
Best wishes for a great run. I'm happy to donate to this amazing organization!
Abby Meyer
Good Luck Catharina!!!!!!! You are amazing❤️
Anonymous $100.00
Paul Foley $50.00
Concord Equestrian Team
We hope for a cool, beautiful day. Good luck and stay safe!
Windsor Mountain Summer Camp $200.00
Go Bulldogs!
Good luck Catharina!!
Pam Tsinteris
happy to support a good cause!
Go get ‘em Bulldogs!!!
Hedy Jarras $200.00
Rebecca O’Donnell $50.00
Happy to support you and the important work the Boston Bulldogs do for the community.
Good luck! Great cause!
Dan Armstrong $100.00
Mike Hannon $50.00
Anonymous $80.00
JoLeen $500.00
Angela Zaydon
You’re the best! Xoxox
David M. Jellinek
Kick some ass
Keira and Tyler Harney
Good luck!!
Todd and Chris G
Have a great race!
Susan E Clovet
Run on! I’m cheering for. Jessie is running the Disney Marathon to raise money for cancer research.
Anonymous $300.00
Sarah L Perry $50.00
Laura Pickett $200.00
Holly Harney
Go Catharina!!!! Congratulations!
Heather CApes
You are a Rock Star!! Best of luck!!! :)
Hallie DeLorey
You are the most amazing Dr, woman and friend and I'm grateful and honored to work with you and support you and the bulldogs. God bless, Hallie xoxo
Anonymous $100.00

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