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The Boston Bulldogs 2021 Marathon team are training together and raising funds to support Boston Bulldogs programs and wellness for ALL those affected by addiction - needed now more than ever. Learn More
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My name is JoJo and I joined the Bulldogs on Jan 18th 2020. Before that I never considered myself a runner and if we are being honest that first day I barely made it two laps around the reservoir. Fast forward to eight months later, on Sept 19th 2020, I ran my first marathon.

Like many of us do when a new year comes around, we try and make a resolution. For me, in Jan 2020, it was to get into better health with a goal of maybe one day being strong enough to run a marathon. I found the Bulldogs online through a simple web search; “beginner running clubs near me.” Having been impacted by addiction, when I read about their mission I felt connected and wanted to support. What I didn’t realize was how much this community would actually in turn be the ones who supported me. For that I am forever grateful.

For years, I carried this deep rooted shame for what I looked like which manifested into me believing that I was unworthy of being loved. Over the past year and a half, with support from the bulldogs and my trainer Meg Julian, I have learned how to be kinder to myself. I also learned that life isn’t perfect and it’s not supposed to be. There is beauty in imperfection. We don’t have to bear it alone. And damn, we are way stronger than we give ourselves credit for.

I have demons. I think we all do. For me, one was an eating disorder. For some of my teammates it was drugs or alcohol. But it’s not what our specific demon was that matters; the principles the Bulldogs practice apply the same way. It’s about showing up, for yourself and for each other. And it’s about getting honest, with yourself and each other. When you do those things, you will feel this liveliness and love for yourself and one another that makes you undeniably want to give back. And that my friend is what we call Bulldog Magic.

I ran my first marathon for myself. This one I want to run for others. For those who are afraid to start, I’ll run alongside you. For those who question if it’s worth keeping going, I’ll run alongside you. You are not alone. “It’s not just in some of us; it’s in everyone. And as we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same. As we’re liberated from our own fear, our presence automatically liberates others”.

Thank you for your support and donation. It’s an honor to be running the 2021 Boston Marathon for the Boston Bulldogs Running Club. I promise to give this everything I got.


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Thank you for joining me in support of wellness and recovery!

Thank you to EVERYONE who donated! It means the world to me and this community. <3
Molly Matsumoto
Way to go, JoJo!
Mama Lortz
Have a great run Jojo!
Sophie Low
You're what I want to be when I grow up <3
tej $50.00
Nick & Megan
Go Jojo Go!!
Sheila Cusack
You're amazing, JoJo! Your commitment is admirable and your smile lights up a room! Have a blast running Boston!
You got this!!
Go get it Jojo! You’ll do great!!
Wendy Horgan
Jojo, such determination and inspiration to others!
Mike Flynn $50.00
Joan and Paul Casey
Enjoy the training and the Marathon. You are incredible!
Coach Meg J
You are on the path... Keep going.
Liz and Brian Lawlor
So proud of you Jojo. You got this and can't wait to run along side you for some miles !! You are such an inspiration to so many especially me ! We love you !
Sarah L Perry
Eric & Catie
Jojo! You continue to impress us. We’re looking forward to cheering you on!
David Blaustein
JoJo, your story is inspiring. It’s great knowing and working with you. Kick ass in the Marathon.
Randi and Bob
So proud of you!
Anonymous $100.00
Eliott & Erin
You're amazing Jojo - we're so proud to call you our friend.
Matt $20.00
You are incredible. Always thinking about others. Thats what makes you the best at your job and what makes you an even better human -your boy from wisco
Kelley Balbi
Jojo You are such an inspiration! Keep on showing up and grinding and there is nothing you can’t do! Thanks for all you do for the bulldogs! Now go crush this marathon!! I’ll see you at the finish line!

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