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The Boston Bulldogs 2021 Marathon team are training together and raising funds to support Boston Bulldogs programs and wellness for ALL those affected by addiction - needed now more than ever. Learn More
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Having lived in Boston and on the marathon course for 16 years, it has been a dream of mine to join the ranks of those who have completed this race before me. The Boston Marathon is synonymous with all things Boston, aside from just being a race in the city, it represents the hard work and dedication that Boston was built on. The history and lore of the race is something everyone in the city and state knows about, and allows all spectators and participants to celebrate being part of this community.

To me, this race represents the friendships I've cultivated through running, the sacrifice of time and body to train, and uniting people from all backgrounds under a common banner and the seal of the great City of Boston. Additionally, being able to run for an important cause bringing awareness and funding to those battling addiction or family coping and recovering from losing loved ones creates a sense of duty and pride. As someone who has lost several loved ones to this disease, I am honored to be able to help shine that light on those who help people get to the other side of the darkness. No one should feel alone in this battle, which does not end at sobriety, but only just begins, and the Bulldogs provide that support and community to go to battle with those who need it most.

I am asking you not only to help me attain a lifetime goal, but more importantly to support the efforts the Boston Bulldogs take to give individuals and families another way of life and to get back to who they really are. Whether it's an individual fighting the addiction themselves, or the family that needs the support to remember their loved ones for who they really were, the Boston Bulldogs are directly impacting lives and making them better. I run this race in remembrance of those who I've lost, for those that make it their mission to help those in need, and for anyone out there who needs a little support to find themselves again. Thank you so much for your support in my goals and to give back to those who have lost so much.

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 You can donate now with any major credit card by hitting “Give Now”. Thank you for joining me in support of wellness and recovery!

Greg King $25.00
Sean Waters $50.00
The Chan Fam
Grandma, Mom, and Dad
Good luck!
Gregory Bertoni $100.00
Matthew Starke
Good luck bro.
Good luck, brother! Proud of you!
The Eberts
Run fast.
Jason C $50.00
Andrew Malkin
Run Jon Run
Jon Marcus
Seth Wolfman
Way to go Starke!
Andrew Starke
Good Luck Jonathan, Love the Kansas/Alabama/Alaska Starke Family
Patrick Sweeney
Leeeettttttt'sssssss GOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!! (I'll buy you drink after when you finsih)
Hannah Starke
Run fast daddy!
Accordino Family
Good luck!!
Caitlin Scally
Best of luck!!!
Laura Webanck $50.00
Anonymous $100.00
Best of luck on a great run!!!
Matt Zani
You better win
Nick Biagioni
Good luck Starke!
Jesse Sears
Run fast! Go yanks!
Arra Derderian
Enjoy some MKT prices apps after your finish!
Good luck
Good luck!!
Robin Eisner $50.00
Sue & Ron
We love you Jon and thank you
Thank you ❤️
The Cowgill Family
We love that you’re doing this! Good luck!!
Tyler Starke
Good luck cuz
Robin M Eisner $50.00
Sarah L Perry
Go Jonathan! So grateful to you for running for the Bulldogs in support of this important cause. Thank you!!!
Jamie & Declan
Get it!!!
Kevin Brady $100.00

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