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The Boston Bulldogs 2021 Marathon team are training together and raising funds to support Boston Bulldogs programs and wellness for ALL those affected by addiction - needed now more than ever. Learn More
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I’m honored for this opportunity to support the Boston Bulldogs and run my first-ever marathon—which just so happens to be one of the most iconic races in the history of the sport!

Colorado, where I live with my husband and two young children, has been my adopted home for the past 11 years. But I grew up in Connecticut and am a Massachusetts native, which means the Boston Marathon is near and dear to my heart.

Running Boston while representing an organization that does so much to support members of the recovery community is a dream come true! I first heard about the Boston Bulldogs from my husband, Chuck, who is the Acting CEO of Sparking Life, a national non-profit organization that partners with the Bulldogs. I feel I am living proof of the transformational power that running can offer someone who has struggled with addiction. So I strongly believe that, if it worked for me, it can surely help others, too.

This year I will celebrate 18 years of sobriety, and running has played a key role in my journey. To be honest, I can’t tell you what exactly made me lace up my running shoes and head out the door for that first run at age 27. But I can tell you that once I started, I never stopped. Running became a new passion and my best friend during a transitional period in which I was figuring out how to exist without alcohol in my life.

Running was something that came easy to me and felt natural. It was uplifting to be good at something that was actually beneficial for me. I think that friends who know me now would be shocked to hear that I had never run before getting sober, because it is such an integral part of my daily lifestyle and who I am. Rain, snow, heat, rogue dogs, you name it . . . I’m out there pushing 75 pounds of offspring in my double jogging stroller at 7,000 feet elevation!

I rarely miss a day and don’t feel normal when I can’t fit-in my run. I can only imagine what my neighbors must think: “There goes that Crazy Stroller Lady again!” My husband, kiddos and yellow lab have all been running partners who encourage and support me. It’s just part of our lives.

I really wish that I could have had a supportive running community like the Boston Bulldogs when I was starting my journey. My father was my biggest fan during those early years. He always asked how my running was going, and loved cheering for me at 5K races. He was an Alcoholics Anonymous sponsor and gave back to the organization that helped him get sober. He passed away three years ago and had reached 30 years of sobriety. I know how proud he would have been to see me cross the finish line at the Boston Marathon for the Bulldogs Team. I will run in his honor and for the recovery community.

Fundraising for an organization that stands for everything I believe in is my way of giving back. I hope I can help the Bulldogs spread awareness, and even expand to other communities. I appreciate any contribution that you can make to help this amazing organization save lives.

You can donate now with any major credit card by hitting “Give Now” on the upper right.

Thank you for joining me in support of wellness and recovery!

Rob Urbach
Julie, sorry for the late action here, - was looking for Chuck's email and just saw this. Is his email still the same? Rob Urbach
You are so awesome!
Josh Bailey
Awesome job Julie! Congrats on the Boston Marathon and your impact on this important cause.
Way to go Julie! Incredible accomplishment.
Mike Young
We’re very proud of you Julie! Mike & Sandy
You go, girl! There’s nothing like a Boston finish!
Anonymous $500.00
Kriss Cullen
Lisa Yarussi
Julie - Go get em! Lisa
Way to go, Julie!
Kathleen Granchelli
Julie, Great achievement to embark on this journey! Lots of luck and hope you enjoy your first Boston Marathon. -Kathleen Granchelli
The McClinton Family
Wishing you the best race day! We hope you enjoy all 26.2 miles as you honor your dad!
Steve W.
Fantastic cause! And a great tribute to your dad!
Steve Seiler
Good Luck!
John D Bourbonais
I will be rooting for you from CO! Finish or no finish, thank you for sharing your story.
George & Susie
Best of luck Julie to you and Bulldogs team!
Jenifer Gilbert $50.00
Kim Reisiger
Good luck Julie! What a great cause!
Jayme McGuire
Go Julie!
Hey Julie, I am so proud of you, go get ‘em!
Matt Desaulnier
Good luck Julie! Enjoy the experience.
Barry Siff
Wishing you an awesome Boston experience, Julie!
The Parthen Family
Thanks for sharing your story!
Madison Anderson
Best of luck, Julie!
Dawn Bartel
So proud of you Julie! You are such an inspiration!
Linda and Peter
Good luck Julie! You can do this!
Michael Johnson
Good luck Julie, and good luck on the next 18 years of sobriety.
Shirley Ducharme
Good luck, Julie! Love, Mom
The Gahan Family
What an inspiration, Julie! Best of luck! xo
Anonymous $100.00
Elizabeth Watkins
Proud of you! Thank you for raising support and awareness for such a great cause!
Carolyn Paul
Good luck my dear. Your dad would be so proud of you. Love you
Jen Valek
Thrilled to hear you’re doing this & glad to support you! ❤️ $10 for each of your 18 years sober now & for how running helped you do a 180 in your life & for how Boston Bulldogs supports others make 180s in their lives! ❤️
Gina Allbright $50.00
Tammy Esposito
You are truly an inspiration!
Kristen McFadden
Congratulations, what an honor for you! I’m so proud of you and grateful to call you my friend!
Donna & Bill
So proud of you!
Congratulations on 18 years!! Good luck.
Kathleen P. Matthews
So proud of you running this race for this charity! Hope to see you next time in CO! Keeping your family in my prayers.
Carrie Coates
You are such an inspiration and I am so thankful you are my friend! You will do great!

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