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The Boston Bulldogs 2021 Marathon team are training together and raising funds to support Boston Bulldogs programs and wellness for ALL those affected by addiction - needed now more than ever. Learn More
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I remember when I ran my first marathon, I was sure it’d be a one and done experience. Mostly because it seemed like a task close to impossible as I was just getting sober and didnt have a handle on it by any means. After training through the brutal winter in 2014 and having it rain down in buckets on race day in 2015, I couldn't understand why people thought running marathons was a good idea, never mind fun!

But then I met the Bulldogs in 2016. I was at the tail end of yet another relapse in my sobriety, not hopeful I’d ever run again, as my prior experience with it was miserable, nor did I believe I’d remain sober long enough to even try. Coach Mike Feullo has a way about him that makes connecting with people feel natural. That first morning I showed up was no different with me. I was attracted to what I was hearing, the vibe I was feeling, and the sense of community that I was surrounded by, it was enough for me to go back again. I didn’t keep coming because I was a good runner, in fact, I was pretty out of shape and in my mind had no business being part of a running club. But the magic of the Boston Bulldogs happened and I was hooked. The members, the kindness, the support, and the benefits through running was laid on me thick. Fast forward to today, I am a proud member of the Bulldogs, the leader of the Quincy Chapter, and the Full Circle/Leadership Program Coordinator. I am honored to now be able to share that same experience with members who join us for the first time.

I am taking on my 10th marathon this year, 4th one for the Bulldogs, and have gotten more out of this club than I would have ever believed could happen. My recovery, my life, and my overall wellness is fully supported and continues to grow every time I “just show up”.

I would be honored to have your support in my fundraising efforts as 100% of donations go directly towards helping our members, our giving back program, and more. Thank you in advance and I look forward to another 26.2!

Donna flynn
Good luck Meaghan ❤️
Donna Florence
You are a lot to be proud of!❤️
Your a Beast
Christine & Scott
You Go Girl!
Jim g
Friend of Alli m who you and coach and bulldogs helped. Good luck…god speed.
Christine & Kevin OSullivan
We are so proud of you! Love you!
G Dog Rocker
Look forward to seeing you in October. Best of luck on the race! Gray
Joan and Paul Casey
Go Meaghan! We’ll be cheering you on!
Ronnie Bradley $25.00
Mike lavery $100.00
Sarah L Perry
You are awesome!
Jenn Santo
you are absolutely amazing ! love you girl!
Love you! So grateful to be trudging this road with you
Tory Hayes
Love ya, Meg!!!
Anonymous $100.00
Kristin Liberty
As usual just so proud of you, go get it girl ❤❤
So proud of you!!! Keep going!!! You got this!!!

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