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The Boston Bulldogs 2021 Marathon team are training together and raising funds to support Boston Bulldogs programs and wellness for ALL those affected by addiction - needed now more than ever. Learn More
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I am so thankful for finding the Boston Bulldogs Running Club, at precisely the right time and for precisely the right reasons. In my short time with the Club I have already made friends, been inspired, and received the kind of coaching and support I’ll need to have a shot at reaching the finish line this October. Running has always been a part of my own personal wellness regimen but joining the Boston Bulldogs has added an entirely new dimension. Being a part of a team, sharing experiences and supporting others in recovery while training simultaneously has added health benefits and a sense of fellowship that go beyond mere physical fitness. This is why I ask for your help in raising funds for the Boston Bulldogs Running Club. So that the team may expand its reach and continue to provide one more safe haven for those seeking freedom from alcohol and drug dependency. 

My account of finding the Bulldogs only serves to reinforce the belief that I have found myself exactly where I am supposed to be and surrounded by all the right people as I begin this marathon adventure. In 2018, the person solely responsible for introducing and inspiring me to take up running as a youth, and similarly influencing my own journey of recovery, was facing a very serious health issue. During this period while on my weekly runs I would imagine the two of us finishing Boston after he undoubtedly recovered from his illness. I would envision us commemorating his running as a bandit over forty years ago and celebrating the anniversary and his new found health together. Sadly and tragically that person, our beloved brother Michael, passed away last year before having a chance to fulfill this runner's dream. 

Now this year, just last month, by sheer luck of the draw, or divine intervention, or whatever you may choose to believe, I won a lottery for an official Boston Marathon bib. After excitedly sharing the news with family, my oldest brother immediately recommended I contact Coach Mike and the Boston Bulldogs. I was entirely unfamiliar with Mike, the team, or its purpose. Upon reaching out, I realized that there was a decades-long relationship between the Club, its mission, its founder and my own roots and experiences growing up in Jamaica Plain. Coach Mike and my late brother Michael had started the journey of recovery and physical wellness together over forty years prior and continued that relationship until his untimely passing. 

Today I am preparing for the run, seeking to turn a dream into reality, carrying a similar message, and completing the circle. God willing, I will cross that finish line on October 11th with Michael by my side, if only in spirit and not in body. 

Patrick H Hyde Park, MA 

Acknowledgement - Special thanks to the City of Boston Credit Union, Boston Police Department and the B.A.A.

(You can donate now with any major credit card by clicking on “Give Now”. Thank you.)

Catharina Armstrong
Go Patrick Go Bulldogs
Brian Hoey
Best of luck Pat!
Beth Hoey Oleary
Best of luck❤️
Steve Foley
You go Patrick! You’re running for a great & underfunded cause.
Brendan Hoey
Ellen and I wish you the Best of luck Pat. We are all very proud of you. And we honestly believe that Michael will be beside you in spirit just like you said . Go get em cuz!
Maura & John Hoey
Michael would be proud :)
Pat S.
Go get em, Pat!
Lisa Marie Hoey
Good Luck Patrick! Love Chrissy & Lisa
You got this!!!
Trisha Casey
Michael will lift you when you need him Have an awesome run feet
Mark Rooney
Good Luck!
Maureen Mckinnon
Have Fun
Good luck Paddy!
A great cause! I loved Michael, we were in St Thomas together, he was a hoot, & a class act, I heard a great story about him from Anne Lucas...good luck! You have a wonderful family! My pleasure to donate.
Harry Knight $50.00
John Breen $50.00
Ellen Hoey
I’m so proud of you, but I always have been. Go Bulldogs.
Brendan & Ellen Hoey $50.00
Brendan Flaherty
Good Cause. Great tribute. Have a fantastic race!
Nancy Cashman
Best Wishes, Patrick!
Joanne whalen lohan
Patrick , Thanks for your efforts ! Michael is very proud . My donation is $5.00 a mile , in memory of a close friends daughter who died from alcoholism in Feb , at 24 yrs old . God Bless her Soul . God bless you . Best of luck
Wilma Monaghan $50.00
Dan Flaherty
Good luck Patrick
Russ Isberg
Be like Mike !!
Lisa and Paul Bizzozero
John Sheehan $50.00
John Morrissey
I only knew Michael a short time and know he would give the shirt off his back to help anyone!!
Ann Marie Tobin
Pat, Very proud and an excited for you! "When your legs can't run anymore, run with your heart". ~ Anonymous ~ Ann Marie Tobin
Francine Jeffers
Pat wishing you the best in your training and running Boston. Donating in memory of MIchael. What a beautiful tribute you wrote.
Arlene and Michael Sullivan $50.00
Lynne Vozzella
Good luck. Great cause. And a beautiful tribute to Michael.
Tia Hashem
Go Hoeys!!!!❤️❤️❤️
Bingo’s Pub Okinawa
I think Uncle Michael and myself are the only ones who ran one in the family? Good luck we can run it together someday
Judy $35.00
Josie Bailey
Anonymous $100.00
Franny Hoey
It is no coincidence that this all happened the way it did. Michael is giving you the nod from heaven. We will all be rooting for you knowing that Michael’s spirit is within you.

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