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The Boston Bulldogs 2021 Marathon team are training together and raising funds to support Boston Bulldogs programs and wellness for ALL those affected by addiction - needed now more than ever. Learn More
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Hi my name is Stan and I have been a member of The Boston Bulldogs since April of 2021.I have struggled with an addiction to drugs and alcohol and mental illness for most my life. By the grace of God I found my to the 12 Steps and program of alcoholics anonyms March of 2020 and have been sober since. Through my journey I've been blessed to be able to experience the benefits of incorporating fitness with spirituality which have not only helped free me from substance abuse but have cured all my mental illness.

As a result I've experienced a profound life change. Along my journey I've carried a vision of telling my story and helping others to find freedom through the platform of endurance sports and fitness. The Bulldogs have made this vision a reality for me and so much more.

So obviously finding the Bulldogs has been a game changer for me. Yes running is a big part of it but this organization does so much more. They provide assistance to those still struggling, meditation, over all wellness and an amazing fellowship of people that truly care.

Running the Boston Marathon has been a dream of mine for many years. I'm happy to say that with the support of The Boston Bulldogs and its members I will run this year. Please help me support this club that not only supports me on my journey of recovery but so many others and its community.

Awesome work, Stan. You truly are an inspiration to others. Go Bulldogs!
Christopher Dalton
Good luck !
Go get it Stan! And keep sharing your testimony.
Stan Fleming
Proud that you are now on the right path. Hope all goes well for you.
R & J McAndrew
Congratulations on your triathlon, and have a great and memorable 1st marathon!
Jesse’s Marine
Way to GO! Stan the Man
Amazing Bucky!!! Man what a journey!!
Jackie Francisco- BSTT $25.00
Anne Marie Winchester $50.00
So proud of you and all you’re overcome!
Mike Flynn $50.00
Mark Edmond
Nice Stan... keep up the good work!!!
Anonymous $100.00

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