3 Days @ 2021 Flag2GC Charity Mountain Bike Ride

65 miles of mud, sweat and gears benefiting The Marine League Charities of Northern AZ Learn More
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Hola everyone!

So, the Day family is stepping it up this year and is partnering with Flagstaff Marine League Charities to raise money for 2021 Flag2GC Charity Mountain Bike Ride. I am sure you all have heard us talk about the crazy 65 miles (sometimes more) Flagstaff to the Grand Canyon ride Nate and I do every August.  Yep ,we are doing it again, but this year we have Landon joining us! Oh boy! Its going to be a crazy day of not only physical endurance and stamina but mental too! Its going to be interesting! Evan and Ella this year are going to be our support crew meeting us at SAG's and helping set up camp for when we finish the ride.
Training for the Flag2GC has it challenges (heat, not enough time in day, getting up early to beat the heat, did I mention the heat?) but we are always up for new challenges. This year we are reaching out to our family and friends to help us support the Flagstaff Marine League Charities that we ride to support. We love that this is a local charity and that it is helping out kiddos. 2020 was a doozy of a year, we would love to make 2021 an amazing year for kids who need it. As a parent I also hope this makes a lasting impression on Landon and is something he takes with him in life and continues to do.

No donation is too small. And don't sweat it, if this year doesn't work to donate maybe we will catch you next year. 

Once the ride is over, we will post pictures of crazy family adventure!

Thanks everyone for everything,  stay safe and health! Peddle on!


Nate, Nicole and Landon

* All proceeds go to Marine League Charities in Flagstaff, AZ. The main beneficiary is kids in Northern AZ. Toys-for-Tots is part of Marine League Charities, but they also have a Wounded Marine Program, and other youth and scholarship programs. We sincerely appreciate your support for this fundraiser and our goal. You can donate now and by hitting “Give Now” on the upper right.

You can give with any major credit card and it only takes 30 seconds. We appreciate it so very much.

Thank you for joining us!

Have a great race!!
Joan Day $100.00
Teresa J Clement
Weeks 8 & 9 - The final countdown: you're just 4 days away now... Congratulations Nicole on your great training leading up to this weekend's ride! Get it, love it, break through, and feel confident that you #DoGoodGiveBack #Flag2GC
Good luck Day Family!
Teresa Clement
Nicole's training week 7: She's altitude training! Weekly total MTB 38.5 miles ($20), 0 miles running, and EXTENDING the fundraising challenge to Nicole's training: a PENNY per FOOT climbed = 3,214 ft in week 7 = $32.14. Nicely done, Nicole! #QoM #AltitudeTraining #DedicatedDays #DoGoodGiveBack #Flag2GC
Clementé Cycling
Nicole's training week 6: back to DVMB training sessions! Weekly total MTB 33 miles + running 4 miles. When are you headed to Flagstaff next? Tag up with us next weekend, if you head up. #DedicatedDays #GetIt #GotIt #DoGoodGiveBack #Flag2GC
Ben Quillinan
Have a great ride! Markus and Max Q
Anthony Williams
Crush it!!!
Clementé Cycling
Nicole's training week 5: still traveling and Happy 4th of July weekend! Weekly total MTB 10 miles (@ $0.50mi = $5) + running 8 miles (@ $1.00/mi = $8). See you July 10th for a friend's ride (wanna try for 30 miles?); invite the whole 3Days team if you want.
Clementé Cycling
Nicole's training week 4: back on the MTB and running, even while traveling! Weekly total MTB 32 miles + running 3 miles --- get it, Nicole! An exclusive Day challenge: if the Day family can get in one longer training ride (>30miles in a single ride, road or mountain bike, doesn't have to be all family members together all at once) in the next 4 weeks, I've got a donor lined up who's committe
John & Rose Knutson
Nicole, Good luck to you, Nate and Landon on the ride. Good for you for doing something like this to benefit others! Have a safe and fun ride!!! JK & Rose
Tom & Pam Stanek
Wonderful idea, wonderful family!
Janelle Abbott
Good luck out there! :)
Have a great ride!
Kari $50.00
Staci T $50.00
Clementé Cycling
Nicole's training week 3: light on MTB but good on cross-training runs! Weekly total MTB 0 miles + running 6 miles --- go Nicole! Go Days! #DoGoodGiveBack #Flag2GC
Teresa Clement
Nicole's training week 2 ramped up the miles AND trained with Doug in Flagstaff (Flagstaff = DOUBLE credit in my giving game). Weekly total MTB 38 miles + running 9 miles--- go Nicole! Go Days! #DoGoodGiveBack #Flag2GC

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