2021 Boston Bulldogs Boston Marathon_Team

The Bulldogs will be represented for the 6th year in a row at the historic Boston Marathon, a virtual event in 2021. The team will be training and running together to support the Club - embraced by friends, family, and community - kindhearted warriors al Learn More
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Support the Boston Bulldogs Running Club and the entire 2021 Boston Marathon Team without having to pick a specific team member. Proceeds will help all team members to meet their fundraising goals and support the Club's programs throughout the year. We sincerely appreciate your support for the Club and this campaign.

Donate now with any major credit card and by hitting “Give Now” on the upper right. We sincerely appreciate your support.

Thank you for joining our community! 

Stephen Maynard $100.00
Michael Weintraub & Diane Rosen $100.00
Bulldog Joe Fundraiser $2,167.00
Terry Dolan
In honor of Meaghan, Catharina, the Ferullos and the rest of the team! Terry Dolan (former board member, Shattuck Partners)
Nancy Samya $25.00
Lori Griffiths
Go Marathon Dogs!!!
Coleman and Alice Mark $2,500.00
Emily Roberts
2021 Boston marathon donation! Go Bulldogs
Anna-Beth Winograd & Betsy McNamara
We wanted to donate to every runner. Each of of their stories is so compelling that we couldn't choose one over the other. Good luck to the ENTIRE team! Anna-Beth and Betsy
Sarah L Perry
go Bulldogs!
Mary Worthington
Tinamarie Piscatelli $50.00
Rick H.
Go Dogs!
So happy to continue to support the Bulldogs!
Melanie MacFarlane $100.00
Ashley Greene
Go Bulldogs go!

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