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Join the 5p- Society for its annual Virtual 5k for 5p- event. We are trying to raise more awareness for the genetic disorder Cri Du Chat!  DJ is only a variant for this condition, and even that has caused many challenges!  Therefore, we are asking what you can to do help raise awareness for the 5P Society!  Donations are great, but what about posting to help teach others about this Genetic Disorder. The 5P Society has been such a huge help in navigating challenges for DJ. Don't know where we would be without them!  

DJ Bunger $25.00
Toni Noleroth $100.00
Marianne Dimick
I’m so proud of you and how you support DJ. What a great mom.
Rosemary Schalk
This organization is a blessing. We are impressed with DJ's progress. Wishes for good things in the future. Love, Rose
Some day we will get together! Hugs and love.
Phyllis Kiester
Love you DJ. auntie Phyllis/Uncle Greg
Chris & Dee Puppione $100.00

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