The African Children's Project

In YOU the Orphan Finds HOPE!

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What I have discovered is that I am connected to a wide array of individuals whose hearts beat in rhythm with mine when it comes to helping others.  These last couple of years have been extremely humbling as I've watched so many of you cast your vote with me for this project.  I'm believing you'll inspire me again.

MY NUMBER: $2,501

In case you haven't heard, we're going longer and louder this year. The Run Wild has added a 10k! That's 2-5's .....and one to grow on. 2-5-0-1.

The WHY:  

It gives hope, to children....and to me.  It fuels me.  It inspires me.  It challenges me.  It energizes me.  It builds community.  

Every year, I do a lot for this race....and every year, this race does more for me.  I'm certain this year will be no exception. 


Together my husband, Georg, and I run Dream Big Basketball Academy. Dream Big is a non-profit organization in it's own right, but is also returning as a platinum sponsor of the Run Wild. It's our honor to be able to support this project.


So, last year I told you some friends of mine moved to Embu, Kenya to get this project really rolling. They  supervised the construction of the home.....what a project!! The house is now complete.  They've also secured a social worker who will help them identify the children that will be served.  As a little side note, in their "spare time" they got a basketball hoop up on the property!  Of course, this made me extra happy!!  Check out the picture of our favorite missionary kid, Jayden Yon, hooping it up!


Of course Kid President made my page again this year.  "The world is changed by ordinary people." And WE HAVE A THEME SONG!!!!  Check it out!! For King & Country.  Love.



The Run Wild is a race event to benefit children who have been orphaned as a direct result of the HIV/AIDS pandemic in Africa. All proceeds will be used to support an orphan care community in Kenya that provides compassionate, holistic care for destitute children. Not only does this community allow children who have been marginalized to live lives free of exploitation and abuse, but it enables to regain a sense of value and purpose. Your financial support equips us to care well for this exceptional population of children.

The African Children's Project is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization. All donations are tax-deductible under the U.S. IRS code

The Gass Family
Good luck with the race tomorrow, you are amazing!!
Norm White $50.00
for the Gabriel's, Alexander's n Amaya's on other side of the world. Go mason.
Beji, Pam, Alex & Olivia
The Workmans
You are so awesome, Keri!!!
God bless the children.
Maliek Holcomb $150.00

Bless you!
Why am I not surprised to see my favorite cheerleader with a microphone?!
Florhely Marcos
Almost there!!
David $50.00
Russell Crew $100.00
Lotta hungry kids in the world. You're making a difference. The new housing looks sturdy and built by local workmen. Another good idea.
Stacy Wood $100.00
Laura Rhodes $10.00
Sassy SuHoe
This is such a great cause. I hope this helps you reach your goal!
You know me <3
Laila $50.00
Ax $15.00
Sandra Ross $25.00
Traci and Michael Zeller
Keep up the good work!
Brad Brantley
Great work Keri!! Keep it up!
Tracy Greer $100.00
David Bunker
No more goose egg - you made it to triple digits :-)

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