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The Fighting Frankster Team is back for the 5K to Fight Histio 2019

Join us in New York City! Together, we will run/walk to raise awareness and funds for ground-breaking research, to increase awareness of a disease that all too often goes misdiagnosed, and provide support to each other as we fight Histiocytosis! Learn More
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Dear Friends and Family, 

On February 2018, our son Frankie was diagnosed with Langerhans Cell Histiocytosis (LCH). A normal dermatologist appointment, for what we suspected was a "rash", turned into our worst nightmare. The appointment changed our lives as we knew it. Frankie, who didn’t look sick, act sick and from our perspective was a perfect four month old little boy, was diagnosed with one of the rarest types of cancers in the world. Langerhans Cell Histiocytosis was something we had never heard of. With additional research we found that many individuals diagnosed with the various forms of Histiocytosis are misunderstood and misdiagnosed by many in the medical field. We were shocked and shattered. As parents your goal is to do your best to protect your children from all types of dangers and especially illnesses. This was not in our plan.

So we did what any parents would do, damage control. We were faced with the task of preparing and planning for the unknown. We got to work and started to research. Within a week we found two of the best doctors in the county that were well known for their treatment plans for children with LCH, made appointments and started our journey. It was crazy and surreal, we went from our normal lives to traveling to the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia and then off to Texas visiting both doctors to garner as much information and help for our little boy.

Frankie is now 18 months old and has the best medical team behind him. His medical team has grown from two doctors to six. We are so grateful for all of them. He is presently fighting like a champ through chemotherapy treatments that are expected to quiet the histio sites in his body. He still doesn’t look sick or act sick and is always smiling. With positive thoughts and prayers we are fighting right along side of him. We will continue to fight for more answers and we will always be his number one advocates.

Overnight we became "those parents" that had to come to terms with our son’s diagnosis and fight for endless research and ultimately a CURE! Our lives have changed forever and we fight everyday for our son. I am humbly asking you to please come out on July 21, 2019 to walk the Histiocytosis 5k with us or donate to THE FIGHTING FRANKSTER TEAM. It is our goal to help increase awareness and raise money for more research. Not just for our Frankie, but for all the other families that are in the same position. 

Liam’s Lighthouse Foundation
EIN 27-1309152
5818 Charlois Court | Colorado Springs, CO 80922-2226 USA

www.LiamsLighthouse Foundation.orgwww.5KtoFightHistio.org

Liam's Lighthouse Foundation (LLF), a non-profit, tax-exempt organization, was established to create and provide educational material and awareness about Hemophagocytic Lymphohistiocytosis (HLH) including Histiocytic Disorders, and to distribute unbiased, factual information to physicians, hospitals, and the community regarding this disease. Our focus is also to bring families affected by HLH/Histiocytosis together and offer support through a variety of resources. We aim at raising much needed funds for continued education of physicians and research to develop safer and more effective treatment methods and ultimately a cure. LLF is also dedicated to bring awareness to the community about the importance of becoming a blood and bone marrow donor.

Anne Marie Ricciardi
Hi Alicia, Angela is a good friend of mine, and she had information about donating for this wonderful cause on her Facebook page. God bless your beautiful baby boy and all of your family. Best Regards, Anne Marie
Amiel family $25.00
Maria Mavroudis
We love you Frankie! Stay strong! Love , Rere , uncle Nick , and Nicholas
Vincent Pellegrino
Love to Frankie and Vincent
Charlene Cerami Nucci
Our prayers are with you
John and Roberta Cardaci
Prayers coming your way.
Wolf and Joann
Dear Alicia and Mini Vinnie, Since we heard about the sweet little dude's (Frank) illness we have been praying for him and you both. You will continue to be in our prayers. Hugs and squishes to you all. Love Joann and Wolf
Facebook Fundraiser
Total donations received from #MeetTheTeams post
McAvoy Family $100.00
Guy Finetto
Donation made during elitefeats registration.
Rebekah Bissett
Donation made during elitefeats registration.
Volpe Family
Cole Morgenroth
Donation made during EliteFeats registration.
Matthew Volpe
Donation made during EliteFeats registration.
Jenifer Volpe
Donation made during EliteFeats registration.
Francesca Covati
Donation made during EliteFeats registration.
Andrew Alexopoulos
Donation made during EliteFeats registration.
Jacci Volpe
Donation made during EliteFeats registration.
Richard Ploucher
Donation made during EliteFeats registration.
Michelle Rose
Donation made during EliteFeats registration.
Ninas friends
With love from Ninas friends
Lexi Prevost
Aunt Theresa & Uncle Richie
Praying everyday for a cure. Frankie forever in our prayers for good health. Trust in the Lord with all your heart. Sending Love xoxoxo
Anonymous $500.00
Nina Alexopoulos
Love Grandma, Grandpa, and Auntie ❤️
Dana K.
Anonymous $25.00
Andrew Alexopoulos
We love and miss you. Keeping you in our prayers always xoxo With Love, Uncle Drew and Francesca
Patricia Klebez
Mrs. Volpe, I love having your family at Reverend Brown. Keeping you in my prayers. I can't wait to have Frankie at RB too! :) Love, Patty Klebez
Alexa Volpe $50.00
John and Gail Conneely
Jessica Santalesa
We love you, Frankie! Love, Jessie & Christian
Gabriela Carrasco
Praying for this handsome little boy. God Bless your little boy and his whole family.
Kathryn Needham $50.00
James, Lindsey and Giorgio Rienzo
We love you Frankie! Keep kicking butt
Patricia Bevacqui
Praying for a cure and for your son!
Jim Sadoski $50.00
Denise @ The MAX of Brick $25.00
Pope John Winter Track & Field Team
Alicia, Every year, the Pope John Winter Track team collects monies for a charity / cause chosen by their coaches. On behalf of the student-athletes and coaching staff, we would like to donate the monies collected to the Fighting Frankster Team. Our prayers are with you and your family. Sincerely, Brian Corcoran & the PJ Winter Track Team
The Wark Family
Mary $50.00
The Fiore Family
Hugs & Prayers
Ciliberti Family
We are praying for your son that he has a speedy recovery as well as the family for God’s strength. God bless!
Joanne Hartland $25.00
Daura Family
Sending Prayers and well wishes for your little man ! God Bless !
Anonymous $50.00
Hicks Family $50.00
Jennifer Marchetti
Keeping Frankie and your family in our prayers. From, the Pavelko Family
Anonymous $50.00
The Sarisky Family
The Mooney’s $50.00
Steph DiBona
Sending lots of love, thoughts and prayers to the cutest little dude!!! xoxo
Ragno Boiler Maintenance Inc.
Debbie Young $50.00
Jodi & Joe Lafferty $100.00
The Spaulding’s
Love you guys! Frankie is the strongest little guy we know!!
The Fighting Frankster $10,651.74
Alicia Volpe $5,651.74

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