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Team Little Rocky

Join us in New York City! Together, we will run/walk to raise awareness and funds for ground-breaking research, to increase awareness of a disease that can change your life in an instant, and provide support to each other as we fight Histiocytosis! Learn More
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Hi Friends and Family, 

I am partnering with Liam's Lighthouse Foundation and raising money for 5k to Fight Histio. Last summer I was diagnosed with HLH after weeks in the hospital without an answer to my quickly deteriorating state. I have come to learn a lot about this disease, including that it all too often goes misdiagnosed. I spent last summer fighting for my life and I plan to spend this summer fighting to raise awareness for the disease that changed my entire life. 

I sincerely appreciate your support for this fundraiser and my goal. You can donate now and by hitting “Give Now” button. You can give with any major credit card and it takes less than a minute. I appreciate it so very much.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart,

- Claudia A.K.A Little Rocky

Liam’s Lighthouse Foundation
EIN 27-1309152
5818 Charlois Court | Colorado Springs, CO 80922-2226 USA

www.LiamsLighthouse Foundation.orgwww.5KtoFightHistio.org

Liam's Lighthouse Foundation (LLF), a non-profit, tax-exempt organization, was established to create and provide educational material and awareness about Hemophagocytic Lymphohistiocytosis (HLH) including Histiocytic Disorders, and to distribute unbiased, factual information to physicians, hospitals, and the community regarding this disease. Our focus is also to bring families affected by HLH/Histiocytosis together and offer support through a variety of resources. We aim at raising much needed funds for continued education of physicians and research to develop safer and more effective treatment methods and ultimately a cure. LLF is also dedicated to bring awareness to the community about the importance of becoming a blood and bone marrow donor.

Shannon Maroutian
Donation made during elitefeats registration.
Koby & Ramie
Wishing you very best for you and your family!!!
Ina and David Cardiff
Good luck, all the best!
Jill Taylor
All the best! xoxo Love Jill
Hughes family
We are so proud of you! xox
Josie Fagan
Good luck little one
All the best beautiful:)
Lorenzo & Delia Di Girolamo
Good Luck Little Rocky!!
Michael Mondelli III $50.00
Melissa Santos
Edward Dougherty III
Cute pic.
Kim and Khoi Hoang
All the best!! Glad to learn you are back to normal and continue your study now. Love.
George K $50.00
Steve Schutz $100.00
Sierra DiGirolamo
Although you are my little sister I have always looked up to you:) you are so beautiful kind and fierce! Good luck with the 5K I’ll see you at the finish line lol <3
Richie from Bridgehampton
One day we’ll own the surf lodge and find the true cure to all your problems. Love ya big.
Olivia DiGirolamo
Claud, I'm so proud of you and the fighter you are! You are a fantastic inspiration to me now and forever! I wish I could run with you at the race, but I know you will kill it (plus I would probably slow you down)!! I love you so much! xoxo
Looking forward to doing the 5k with you my Precious Little Girl
Carol-Ann Hennessy
So proud of you my dear!!! Love ya lots! Hugs xox
Aparna Eva Virgilio
Good luck Claudia. We are all supporting you on your cause. Very proud of you sweetie! Lots of love Joe and Eva
Uncle Barry and Tony
Great job!!
Martin Jung
Way to go Superstar !!! Glad to see that you have bounced back so amazingly and quickly - but then again you are Claudia DiGirolamo !!!!!!!!
Brad James Rooke
So glad to learn your daughter has returned to good health. Wishing you and your family the best of health. Brad
Barb and Noel
All the best Love! :) Barb and Noel :)
John Conner $100.00
PHIL and Heather DiGirolamo
Love you sweetie, keep fighting!
Bonnie Luton
All the best as you prepare for this 5K race!! You should be so proud at what you've overcome!
Jacqueline Horton
You are the strongest woman I know. You have accomplished so much in life and have always done your best and stayed positive in everything you do. I and everyone close to you are so proud of who you are and admire everything you do. I love you girl ❤️
Elisa Di Biasio $150.00
Noonans $300.00
Jason Syrie
I get to help Claudia and people like her AND I get to see Claud run 5K....easily the best $100 I have ever spent. Very happy to do my part in helping.
Bryan F. $50.00
This is a great cause, Claudia, have fun with run/Walk, Don't let your dad slow you down...
Sal Danese $200.00
Anonymous $75.00
David DiGirolamo
Strongest girl I know :)
Apostolos $50.00
God Bless you Claudia I’m praying for you Love Nana
Brooke and Don Gemmell
Fight for a cure and more research my sweet niece!
AD $50.00
Anonymous $40.00
JJ Tang
Love you! <3
Brandon Farr $100.00
Joseph A. Cobuzio $100.00
You are an inspiration to us all! Keep fighting Rocky!!

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