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Team Pat's Posse

Pat's Posse is ready to take on New York at the 5K To Fight Histio! Learn More

Hi Friends and Family, 

Pat's Posse thanks you for your love and support during this campaign. Our goal was $5,000 but realizing that Pat has been gone for 7 years we decided to increase our goal to $7,000. Will you help us reach for the stars!  We are so excited to be heading to New York on July 17th to meet up with all of our Histio families and help with the Liam's Lighthouse Foundation,  5k to Fight Histio. We sincerely appreciate your support for this fundraiser and our goal. You can donate now and by hitting “Give Now” on the upper right. You can give with any major credit card and it takes less than a minute. We appreciate it so very much.

Thank you for joining us in the Fight Against Histiocytosis!

Liam’s Lighthouse Foundation
EIN 27-1309152
5818 Charlois Court | Colorado Springs, CO 80922-2226 USA

www.LiamsLighthouse Foundation.orgwww.5KtoFightHistio.org

Liam's Lighthouse Foundation (LLF), a non-profit, tax-exempt organization, was established to create and provide educational material and awareness about Hemophagocytic Lymphohistiocytosis (HLH) including Histiocytic Disorders, and to distribute unbiased, factual information to physicians, hospitals, and the community regarding this disease. Our focus is also to bring families affected by HLH/Histiocytosis together and offer support through a variety of resources. We aim at raising much needed funds for continued education of physicians and research to develop safer and more effective treatment methods and ultimately a cure. LLF is also dedicated to bring awareness to the community about the importance of becoming a blood and bone marrow donor.

Jon and Joyce Kirkeide $50.00
Julie Vandelac $50.00
Koa Kaleimamahu $10.00
Shannon Vandelac $10.00
Emily Boyle $10.00
Annette Vetter $10.00
Lea McNabb $10.00
Frank &Tammy Caruso $100.00
Gail Lee
Luv you guys! ❤️
Marilyn Little $50.00
Alanna and Marcus Caruso $50.00
Ben Harvey
See ya there! xoxo
Megan Jackson $25.00
Whitney Nielsen $50.00
Ann Rengel $100.00
Michelle Leach
Fight the fight! Love to all
Holmen Family
So glad you are going to NY in support of this great cause! I hope we can join you in future years!!!
Annette Vetter
Rachel Peters $50.00
Jasper and the boys $20.00
Brook Carl $75.00
Jade Wells
Good luck in NYC! Hope you guys have a great time with your histio family!
Acacia Galle $10.00
Sarah Safar $10.00
Pomai Fola $10.00
Molly Bard $40.00
Cami & Nani $25.00
Rich and Wendy $50.00
Molly Levi $10.00
Barb & Mike
We’ll always remember Pat Love and hugs
Joanne Cullen
You are such an inspiration
Crystal Goldschmitz $50.00
Barb Lau
Love you guys!!
Tami and Frank Pream
Good luck to you all, I know you will enjoy the time with all the people that support and ir suffer from Histo!!
Misty, Sol, Ava, & Maxwell $60.00
Lynne and Kevin Megan $100.00
Diane Toll
You are amazing Di and family. Good luck! Safe travels to New York.
Debi Foertser
In memory of Pat
Nani & Cami $25.00
Nicholl & Garrit Taylor $50.00
Kathryn Ter Horst $50.00
Mary T Caruso $100.00
Vikki Garofalo $25.00
Joelynne Hanson $25.00
Debbie Goldschmitz-Luell & Tim Luell
Love you Sis for all you stand for!
Paula & Isaiah $100.00
Chris and Kevin Robinson $20.00
Shari Wagner $25.00
Premier Fence
Kaitlin Wermerskirchen $10.00
Steve Von Fange $10.00
Sarah Thuente $10.00
Laura Thuente $10.00
Kevin Endres $10.00
Kitty Ryan $10.00
Bre Wetzel $10.00
Abby Swenson $10.00
Steve Von Fange $10.00
Karen Berglund $10.00
Kelly O'Donnell $10.00
Caitlin McMahon $10.00
Linsey Patten $10.00
Steve von Fange $10.00
Sara Saxton $10.00
Kelly Foley $10.00
Claire Beaty $10.00
Julie Amble $10.00
Kitty Ryan $10.00
Alex Baker $10.00
Ellen Schafer $10.00
Paige Jones $10.00
Kim & Reid Durant
In friendship and support of you & your family, Di...to honor the memory of Pat.
Cara Craddock $10.00
Ang $100.00
Diane Caruso
Frank Caruso Golf Tournament
Debi & Mark Kelley
You have an amazing family Diane. Love you
Cole Rued $65.00
Sandi $10.00
Christina Brown $25.00
Dawn and Nick Caruso
Looking forward to New York!
Rose Roach $50.00
Team Pat's Posse $6,925.00
Diane Caruso $6,870.00

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