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Help us celebrate and honor Yensu! Halos helped us during the most difficult time in our lives. Now it’s our turn to help Halos so they can help future families. Learn More
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Please donate to our team, Amazing Yensu, for the August 3, 2019 walk in support of Halos of the St. Croix Valley, which provides support to families dealing with infant and child loss.

Our goal is to raise $602 in honor of the 6 months and 2 days our sweet baby bravely fought to be with us. 

Earlier in March, when our doctor sat us down and told us that our sweet Yensu was never coming home from the hospital, Tchao and I were in a haze. We couldn’t even wrap our minds around the fact that Yensu was dying. And now, we were faced with planning a funeral for our baby? What would this day - our final gift to Yensu - look like? What could we do that would be a celebration worthy of our perfect babe?

Luckily, we had our  family members who swarmed in and helped us with the bulk of funeral planning. We found a beautiful funeral home, caterers for lunch and dinner, and the most talented florist.

While doing some internet digging on funeral planning and healing after infant loss for me, one of my sisters came across Halos, a nonprofit based in Wisconsin.

And although the bulk of funeral planning was done, I didn’t know who would help me make molds of my baby’s hands and feet. I knew that Yensu’s funeral and burial would be a blur, but who would help take professional photos and document those moments for me? I wanted a balloon release at the burial, but I didn’t know who would be blowing up 100 balloons on such a busy day. Although one of my amazing brothers-in-law made a beautiful program for the funeral, I also wanted a simple memorial card filled with just Yensu’s face. I knew we had snacks, but it would be nice to have some homemade  cookies and brownies. And I wanted a large photo of Yensu, but would I really have time (or energy) to develop such a large photo and find a custom frame?

This is where Halos came in to ease our hearts and minds. And for this - all of this - I will forever be thankful to Halos, which never questioned our requests or household income during our time of total confusion and need.

So, friends and family, if you have time and would like to honor sweet Yensu and support an amazing organization so it can continue to help other grieving families dealing with the unimaginable, please donate to our team, Amazing Yensu, for Halos’ 9th annual walk in Hudson, WI. 

For more information on donating and registering with team Amazing Yensu, visit the website.

Please let us know if you sign up. We would love to have you join us!

Tais Pla & family
My heart is with you, Tchao and her sister as Yensu watches us from up High.
Carla Zelada Marshall
Veronica Thao $10.00
Chomilo Family
Anonymous $50.00
Halos has helped us too, I'm glad to help you support them.
Andrea Norine Eaton $50.00
Mai Vang
Love you so much Susie and have your family in my thoughts.
Mr and Mrs X
Love you and your little family! <3
Lee, Omar and Klaus
Anna Maria
Always thinking of you my beautiful friend.
In memory of Rowan for Yensu
All our love and prayers.
Pathur Yang & Albert Chang $25.00
Loving you, Tchao, Yensu, and family.
Vui Aipperspach $20.00
Maly X
Beautiful Yensu will forever be in my heart ❤️
Nancy Yang and Chy Ways
Thinking of you and your sweet family. For Yensu.
Fujii and Michael
We love you guys and wish we were closer to participate in the walk with everyone. Will be thinking of you guys that day! ❤️
The Nilsson's $50.00
Kong, Nira, Atlas, & Duabhli
We'll try to make the walk. Possible wedding that day.
Johnny and Kathy Xiong
I still run my hands over the groves of the foot prints of my baby boy and wonder what kind of boy he would be today if he was alive. Thinking of you and your family.
Line, Suzy, Audrey, and Colin Lee $50.00
Andrea LaRondelle $20.00
Sending you and your family lots of love.
Love, thoughts and prayers.
Jy Xiong $20.00
tou yang $100.00
Kathy, Edwin & Lia
Yensu, you, your sister, mom and dad, and furry siblings are loved by friends and family near and far.
Daria $20.00

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