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Andy Pandiani's AngelRide Fundraising Page

AngelRide, one of New England’s most challenging, well-supported and inspiring charity bicycle rides benefits The Arthur C. Luf Children’s Burn Camp for children with life-altering burn injuries. 2021 welcomes cyclists, runners, walkers, volunteers Learn More
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AngelRide 2021 will be a remote event May 29-31! 

We welcome cyclists (indoor or outdoor), mountain bikers, runners, walkers and volunteers to accept the challenge and join in the fun! Gather virtually and participate individually. Enthusiastic volunteers will connect with AngelRiders through a card game, a PokerRide! Participants earn cards based on completing mileage goals over Memorial Day weekend. We will share our excitement and appreciation through virtual Opening and Closing ceremonies.

Together we are making a significant difference in the lives of young burn survivors.

AngelRide / Angel Charities with an 18-year history of raising millions of dollars for children's causes, continues in our third year supporting the kids at The Arthur C. Luf Children's Burn Camp. At this old-fashioned rustic summer Camp children have the opportunity to re-develop and enhance physical skills and build lasting relationships with other burn survivors that will sustain, inspire and empower them in their life's journey. Camp is truly a life-changing experience! All campers attend free of charge. All counselors are volunteers: firefighters, medical professions, adult burn survivors. 

Kelsey $25.00
Denise DiGrigoli $500.00
Paul Tonin $500.00
Bill Nixon $2,700.00
Heather Brown Olsen
Have a safe ride!!!!
Lawrence Kizer $50.00
Connie Murray
Proud that you are doing AngelRide again! Amour, Connie
Randy Bott
Alan H Brown $200.00
Brad Jubelirer, MD
Sorry I won't be able to participate as a past AngelRider, but I wish you all the very best!!
Scott Bennett
may the wind be on your back...
Anonymous $10.00
Gregory Machinski $300.00
Hany - Raptor
Go team Andy - Thank you for allowing me to be part of this.
Robert A. Laraia $100.00
Jim Bowman
Good luck
Impressive cleaning $100.00
Scranton $1,000.00
Great Job Andy
Peter Maloney $200.00
Karen Morley $100.00
Skip $35.00
Clark Family
Good luck Andy!
Cate and Chip Readling $100.00
Matt and Cheryl Hayward
Ride em cowboy!
Tom Raimondi
Craig Milton
Happy to contribute to a great cause!
Victor and Brenda Matz
Pedal faster
The D’Ambrosi family
Anna-Maria Amato
Have a great ride Andy
Joanne B Pandiani $250.00
Go Andy!
Let It Snow $35,181.00
Andrew Pandiani $11,460.00
James Vandehei $1,695.00
John Demko $4,395.00
Kevin Caulfield $3,150.00
Christopher Ashby $550.00
Lou chupak $1,220.00
nancy chupak $395.00
EUGENE Shapiro $2,026.00
Paul Robertson $1,585.00
Hillary Sigersmith $0.00
Craig Szymanski $750.00
Paul Hayes $265.00
Marcos Gonzalez $500.00
Richard Merritt $0.00
Beck Wentz $1,500.00
Rob Tomko $1,500.00
Patrick McCauley $3,690.00
Patricia Bisacky $250.00
Al Bisacky $250.00

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