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AngelRide, one of New England’s most challenging, well-supported, inspiring charity events benefits The Arthur C. Luf Children’s Burn Camp for children with life-altering burn injuries. 2021 welcomes cyclists, runners, walkers, volunteers Learn More
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Super Excited to Participate as a first time AngelRide Participant (walker) this year, I Was So Ready to be with our AngelRide Family comprised of Sisters of Other Misters and Brothers of Other Mothers!!

I felt so blessed as I started and added to my 24 mile journey in early morning Tennessee weather "unseasonably cold for this time of year"/ also known as a typical average AngelRide CT weekend comprised of Day 1, Day 2 AND Day 3 brisk morning air, Day 1 winds transported me back to those 2006 through 2019 AngelRide Day 2 End Celebrations down in Mystic, CT. With my 4 legged early morning companion lovebug Copper by my side, three Tennessee sunrises beautifully lit our path near our home. 

I completed 6.25 miles Day 1, then 7.75 miles Day 2, culminating in 10 miles on Day 3/Memorial Day, when after that morning's first two miles with Copper, I moved from the path to our high school track, ultimately ending my final four AngelRide miles in the more genteel air colnditioned indoor track at our local rec center.

Forgetting that we live in Middle TN, CST one hour behind EST, I missed the encouraging AngelRide Eve Zoom as I was otherwise engaged, as other BFFs, wives of 25+ years, mothers of 10+ years can identify with. FB postings encouraged me throughout, as well as my very own Selfie Angel, PokerRide Dealer/Volunteer Sandy, who accepted my unusual selfies each 4 miles, honestly It is truly knowing that my Angel DH Moose (former AR Moto Crew 2005 to 2019, few years' ARs missed due to either health or Harley issues sidelining his volunteering) was my one man Moto Crew+SAG wagon+AngelRide Cheerleader for this last minute, Yes I Am Finally Ready to step up from my longtime AR Volunteer/Cheerleader status to full Participant, a weird blessing of COVID allowing AngelRide to expand worldwide in 2020 and 2021, armed with my trusty Fit Bit and both Little Ones (ages 15 and 10) already having their own plans, TN Originals Team Leader Jen was just fine going solo.

24 miles' worth of thinking, praying, dreaming, hoping, wishing and thanking God for my past half century of hidden blessings, answered / unanswered prayers including 28+ years with my BFF Jim, 25+ years working for and with the most amazing employer and colleagues anyone could ever imagine AND almost 13 years now still learning about each other Parenting our now 15 y.o. son who is almost my physical height and so believes He Is The Smartest Ever who can solve a Rubiks Cube in under 2 minutes, spends almost every possible moment trying to convince either parent to agree to take him to an NF concert ("Michigan isn't that far away, Come On, MOM!") AND our 10 y.o. daughter who is all arms and legs, "Our very own Matilda" who also is so bright, She too manages to be channeling her teen years prematurely with every single eye roll and hair flick.....I digress.

The Campers, The Campers, The Counselors who are former Campers, all forced to miss 2020 Burn Camp, Deserve to carefreely enjoy 2021 Camp the week of July 21st to 28th.

Whatever $ you are moved to donate is btwn you and AngelRide, if you would rather make a direct donation without my middleman status, I encourage you to please donate whatever you are comfortable with.

For my past supporters/friends/vilunteers from years ago joint experiences at Lung Assn 3 day CT + RI bike rides and American Cancer Society Relays for Life, I ask that you see the works of are year round and every dollar is needed and accounted for.

May God Continue to Bless Each of Us and Our Loved Ones Near and Far!

Please Consider Donating to this Worthy Cause!

AngelRide 2021 was a remote event May 29-31, Memorial Day Weekend! Cyclists, mountain bikers, runners, walkers and volunteers accepted the challenge and joined in the fun! We gathered virtually and participated individually. Enthusiastic volunteers connected with AngelRiders through a PokerRide! Participants earned cards after completing mileage goals. We shared our excitement and appreciation at virtual Opening and Closing ceremonies.

Together we are making a significant difference in children's lives. AngelRide, with an 18-year history of raising millions of dollars for children's causes, continues in our third year supporting The Arthur C. Luf Children's Burn Camp. At this old-fashioned rustic summer Camp children with life-altering burn injuries re-develop and enhance physical skills and build lasting relationships with other burn survivors that will sustain, inspire and empower them in their life's journey. Camp is life-changing! Campers attend free of charge. Counselors are volunteers: firefighters, medical professions, adult burn survivors. 

AngelRide is grateful for your support, thank you!

Sander & Mara $100.00
Henry Shah $25.00
Welcome Back Match $100.00
Anonymous $100.00

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