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Kevin Caulfield's AngelRide Fundraising Page

AngelRide, one of New England’s most challenging, well-supported, inspiring charity bicycle rides benefits The Arthur C. Luf Children’s Burn Camp for children with life-altering burn injuries. 2021 welcomes cyclists, runners, walkers, volunteers Learn More
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AngelRide 2021 will be a remote event May 29-31! Cyclists, mountain bikers, runners, walkers and volunteers accept the challenge and join in the fun! We gather virtually and participate individually. Enthusiastic volunteers connect with AngelRiders through a PokerRide! Participants earn cards after completing mileage goals. We will share our excitement and appreciation at virtual Opening and Closing ceremonies.

Together we are making a significant difference in children's lives. AngelRide, with an 18-year history of raising millions of dollars for children's causes, continues in our third year supporting The Arthur C. Luf Children's Burn Camp. At this old-fashioned rustic summer Camp children with life-altering burn injuries re-develop and enhance physical skills and build lasting relationships with other burn survivors that will sustain, inspire and empower them in their life's journey. Camp is life-changing! Campers attend free of charge. Counselors are volunteers: firefighters, medical professions, adult burn survivors. 

AngelRide is grateful for your support, thank you!

Claude Marquis $50.00
Andy & Karen $100.00
Good Luck
Stephen Bergeron
Have fun!
Steve Tarver $25.00
Deb Ianuzzi $30.00
Jeff Katley $40.00
Cameron Sheehan $10.00
Mark Congdon $50.00
Thomas Leffingwell $20.00
Mark Danforth $10.00
David Costa $10.00
Thomas Lindner $50.00
Pamela Kruh $50.00
Bruce Kruh $50.00
Mic Fav
pop some wheelies ☺
Matching Gift $910.00
Heather Caulfield $20.00
Thomas DeMatteo $100.00
Tom Bergeron $20.00
Aldo Popolizio $50.00
James Copeland $20.00
Mike G
Ride Hard!!!
Grant Oliver $25.00
Michael Rabinovich
Have a good ride!
Paulz $100.00
Kathleen Uscinski
Go get ‘em Kevin! Enjoy the ride!
Son of the guy
Good luck, grind it out!
Kevin Caulfield angel ride
Good luck Kevin
Anonymous $100.00
Lauri Wichtowski
Best of luck with your ride Kevin!
Good luck Kevin & all riders! What a great thing your doing !!!
Tom Raimondi
Go Kevin go
Craig Milton
Go for it! You are Captain Freakin' Kevin!!
Luther M Moen $50.00
Great cause!!!!
Ray $25.00
Ryan, Tammy & Luke Malcarne $100.00
Dave DeAntonis $75.00
Let It Snow $35,181.00
Andrew Pandiani $11,460.00
James Vandehei $1,695.00
John Demko $4,395.00
Kevin Caulfield $3,150.00
Christopher Ashby $550.00
Lou chupak $1,220.00
nancy chupak $395.00
EUGENE Shapiro $2,026.00
Paul Robertson $1,585.00
Hillary Sigersmith $0.00
Craig Szymanski $750.00
Paul Hayes $265.00
Marcos Gonzalez $500.00
Richard Merritt $0.00
Beck Wentz $1,500.00
Rob Tomko $1,500.00
Patrick McCauley $3,690.00
Patricia Bisacky $250.00
Al Bisacky $250.00

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