Mikey Tellone Brooklyn Autism Center 2024 Fundraiser

Advocate for individuals with Autism by spreading awareness and acceptance across our community and beyond! Learn More
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It’s Walkathon time again!! Mikey goes to an amazing school that allows him to have amazing opportunities out in the real world experiencing many activities and programs that he would not be able to participate in at any other school setting. BAC is able to do all these amazing programs and specialized functional learning because of all of your generosity! Mike and I are always so grateful for everyone’s, love, support and donations that have helped Mikey succeed! BAC is an amazing school that is helping Mikey crush all his goals and we can not imagine our lives without BAC. Mikey’sDiagnosis at 22 months old came with a ton of fear and with the help of BAC and countless other beautiful amazing people we see all Mikey will do and will be. There are no limitations to his success and having a beautiful and fulfilling life continuing to crush all his goals. Mikey gets to attend a school everyday that looks at him and sees all his potential of what he can do and how they can continue to challenge him and give him the tools he will need out in his community. We greatly appreciate any amount that you could donate to his walkathon.

Lots Of Love,

The Tellone’s 

BAC is dedicated to providing quality comprehensive educational programming that supports our students in achieving their fullest potential. We strive to teach skills that lead to integrating our students into their community so they will be able to lead independent and fulfilling lives. We aim to create a community of acceptance, a society that understands the challenges faced by individuals with autism and one that embraces diversity.


A private, non-profit school dedicated to providing high-quality education to individuals ages 5 to 21 with Autism.


ABA, 1:1 instruction, Highly individualized curriculum, Data Driven


Language and communication, behavior management, socialization, independence across daily living and leisure skills and more.


Advocacy for individuals with Autism by spreading awareness and acceptance across our community and beyond.

Christopher Tellone $100.00
Pisani Family $500.00
Brooklyn window and door Corp
Gammy and pop pop would be so proud Keep up all your hard work
Ryan Mccormack $250.00
Robert Machado $50.00
The Bulloch Family $1,000.00
James Celifarco $200.00
John Celifarco $50.00
John and Lindsey Ameruso $50.00
John and Rita Martin $500.00
Dr. Robert Bruce Banner $100.00
Kenny graff $50.00
Louis scheriff $50.00
Eileen M. O’Brien
So happy to help you on your journey! Go Mikey!
Jillian Shedd
Go Mikey boy!!!!
Catherine Brennan
Go Mikey!!!
Naccarato Contracting $500.00
Love, the Greenbergs
The Naccaratos $250.00
Love you Mikey!
Layden $150.00
The Forzano’s
Get’em Mikey!!!!!
Katie guarinello $50.00
Carmelina Spivak $150.00
Mikey Tellone $5,400.00
Erin Tellone $5,400.00
Erin Tellone $0.00

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