Boston Bulldogs 2020 Marathon Team_Caroline

The Bulldogs will be represented for the 5th year in a row at the historic Boston Marathon now a virtual event. The team will be training and running together to support the Club - embraced by friends, family, and community - kindhearted warriors all. Learn More
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I am grateful to be part of this extremely supportive marathon team!!

My journey with recovery began just over 5 years ago. Before I got sober I was full of shame, regret and denial. After my two pre-teen daughters confronted me about my drinking on Christmas Day 2014, I knew I wasn’t fooling anyone anymore. I reached out for help and am currently living life with grace and dignity.

I was introduced to the Boston Bulldog Community this past fall when my friend Angi called me and asked if i was interested in being involved with a new Boston Bulldogs Running Club chapter coming to our hometown of Natick. I didn’t hesitate. I jumped in with both feet and she and I are not only helping to build weekly Natick runs...we are running the Boston Marathon together for the Bulldogs!!

Your donation will help The Boston Bulldogs Running Club continue to provide an anonymous and safe community of support for all those adversely affected by addiction - those in recovery, their families and friends, the clinical community and the community at large.The Club promotes an integrated approach to wellness and self-leadership in recovery on a journey to discover the kind-hearted warrior and true potential within each of us.

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Thank you for your support.

Love Caroline

Judy $50.00
Jeff & Elizabeth Gerson $20.00
Lisa Blair $80.00
Heather Marden $60.00
Jen Stevens
Thanks for the masks and good luck with the fundraising for such an important cause.
Beth English $100.00
Susan Cavounis
Hi Caroline I did it I think just Confirm thank you❤️
Michele Marotta
Thanks so much Caroline. 2 more middle school sized for my mom. I just sent you a messenger with fabric choices if you still have them. Thanks so much! Michele
Jenn Sweeney
Thanks Caroline!
Anonymous $80.00
Allan Ebeling
Thanks so much Caroline. Looking forward to seeing you sometime soon!
Monica Erickson $40.00
Anonymous $40.00
Cliff $100.00
Terry Yager
Best of Luck
Ellen Bernier
Thank you!
Karen Cuddy
Thank you and good luck!! Xo
Sally Salovitz
Thank you! Keep on running!
Lindsay Roetter $60.00
Lisa Blair
Jo LaFalce
Good luck, Caroline!!
Niedermeyer Family $40.00
The Walsh Family
Keep doing great things, you are such an inspiration!!
Shumaker Family
Have a great run! You got this.
Ingrid Tolley
You are an inspiration. Thank you!!
Monica Erickson $25.00
Patti $50.00
Anonymous $40.00
Ellen Banthin
Thank you, Caroline!!
John & Mary Fahy
Julie B
You are an inspiration!
Run like the wind, Bulldog.
Kat Whitten
What an awesome fundraiser! Best of luck!
Sue Wilson Hall
Anonymous $25.00
The Marotta Family
Kristen $40.00
Kim waldron
Thank you!
Shelby Gitlin
Thank you!
Kristen Martin
Good luck Carrie!!!!
The Joseph Family
Thanks for keeping us all safe, and for running for the Bulldogs! Your masks are great!
Kelley Balbi $40.00
Debbie Knapik
Thanks for the awesome masks....and thanks giving us the chance to support a good cause at the same time!
The Collins Family
Thank you and good luck!!!
Justine & Doug Plaisted
Keep on running!!!
Beth English $100.00
Julie McC
Go, Caroline!
Mari Barrera $40.00
Katrina Kowalski $100.00
Mel $65.00
Judith Dixon
Can't wait to cheer you on. (Well, ALWAYS cheering you on!)
For Faith
Best wishes for a fantastic run in September
Laura Cohen $100.00
Al & Cheryl Ebeling
Cheering you on and thanking you for helping so many others! ♥️
The Marden Famiy and Susan Coombs
Best of luck in your Marathon journey! We are incredibly proud of you! You continue to inspire me every day. Thank you for your friendship. Can’t wait to cheer you on at mile 8.❤️
All Together, stay safe and well!
Can I get 3 masks. Hearts, stars and ladybugs? Good luck with your Fundraiser. You are amazing, always was, always will be.
Erica Noonan $40.00
Carelle Carter
Thank you Caroline for your time, energy & service for such a worthy cause.
The Gentry Family
Paul Joseph
Go Caroline! Great fundraiser idea and even better, great charity! Thanks for running and supporting Boston Bulldogs!
Erica Kaswell
Good luck!
Gopa Mukherjee & Altaz Abji
So grateful for organizations like this and YOU!
Can’t wait to see you run!
Mari Barrera
Go Caroline! You are an inspiration!
Stephanie S
Good luck!
Erin Mahoney
Have a great run Caroline!
Ed Alley
Thanks, Caroline! I feel like Yoda in Versace.
McCauley family
Go caro-lion!!!! You are amazing! Thank you for all you do including making our amazing masks!!! Xoxo
Thank you. Have a great race!
Maggie and Hutchins!!!
Run, run and run some more! Let us pups know if you need any running buddies!
Anonymous $100.00
Otto and ted
Go Caroline!!
Sheila Cusack
Run, Caroline, run!! We'll be at mile 23 cheering you on! Sheila :)
Cheri and Will
Run like the wind Caroline, you are an inspiration to all of us! Will, Cheri and Calla
Barbara Caissie
You’v Got This!!!! I’m so proud of you!!!
Calli and Cathy
Best wishes on your run!
Lenore Freitas
Best of Luck Caroline!
Susannah Hann
Shirley and Family
We are right with you every step of the way. Go Caroline!! Go Bulldogs!!
Jen Hall
You are inspirational! Best Wishes!!
Ann Eggleston $36.00

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