Boston Bulldogs 2020 Marathon Team

The Bulldogs will be represented for the 5th year in a row at the historic Boston Marathon in April. The team will be running to support the Club, training together to prepare - embraced by friends, family, and community - kindhearted warriors all. Learn More
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Family and friends: 

Last year, at Mile 23 of the Boston Marathon, I watched the Boston Bulldogs team members run the Marathon. That day I decided I wanted to run the Boston Marathon in 2020 and I am happy to say my dream has come true! I will be running the Boston Marathon and fundraising as a member of the Boston Bulldogs Running Club team, training with other members along the way. I want to run this race for many reasons - to show my son Noah he can do anything he puts his mind to, to break the stigma about addiction, to show others how wellness and running helps me to recover and to experience that feeling at Mile 23 when I see Coach Mike to get that hug from him.

Many of you know that I am a member of the Boston Bulldogs Running Club which is more than just a running club - it is another family to me. A year ago I decided to do something different which was "Just show up" to an event the Bulldogs had in South Boston and I didn't know what to expect just that they were a Sober running club for those suffering from addiction or those affected by it. Despite never running more than a mile at once I told myself I will give this a chance. Nervously I stood alone in what I know now as the RoundUp where everyone introduces themselves and I thought about sneaking away before I had to say something when the "Coach" Mike Ferullo stepped into the middle and introduced himself saying he is from the North End and I instantly felt a connection so I stayed. 

That day I ran 3 miles non stop and I haven't stopped running since. Since then, I have completed the Full Circle Program running a 5K, 10K and a 1/2 marathon which showed me I can set a goal and with support of other Bulldogs I can do it. We have a hashtag #togetherwedo because together I can do anything. "Through Connection we Heal and Recover".

Please consider donating to my page to help me reach my goal because we all have a "KindHearted Warrior" in us all. 

Thank you, 


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