Boston Bulldogs 2020 Marathon Team_Meaghan

The Bulldogs will be represented for the 5th year in a row at the historic Boston Marathon now a virtual event. The team will be training and running together to support the Club - embraced by friends, family, and community - kindhearted warriors all. Learn More
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When I joined the Bulldogs almost 4 years ago, I didn't expect anything more than possibly finding a “running buddy.”  There wasn’t much going on in my life at that point and most of what I did was done alone. I struggled for years leading up to that day with who I was, what my purpose in this world was, and where it was all supposed to go. I had periods of time where things felt like they were going well, but then they’d fall apart, yet again. Addiction ruled my life. In 2016, even after I decided to meet the Bulldogs, I didn't have much hope that it would really make a difference. But I showed up anyway, some of the best advise I’ve ever gotten. “Just show up” said Coach Mike when I first connected with him.

Fast forward to today - I am a dedicated Club member, a Wellness Coach, a Chapter Leader, and the Program Coordinator for, what I have learned, is so much more than just a place to find a “running buddy.” My journey with the Bulldogs has unfolded far beyond what I expected and into much more than I would have believed had someone told me where it would lead.

The Bulldogs continues to shape my life both physically, and mentally. The Club has unveiled my strengths and given me a platform from which to find my true potential - all things far beyond what I could have done on my own. My time in this club now is spent giving that same hope and support I was given, to anyone who joins us. What a gift it is to be able to turn my darker days into light for someone else. We all need love, we all need support, and in my opinion, we all need the Bulldogs!

Cheers to Marathon # 9 !! 

The Drew Family
Good Luck Meag!
Anonymous $10.00
Emily Fisher $30.00
Jacqueline Henry
Run like the wind! New Jersey is behind you!
Strength and honor Meaghan!!!
Mark Rayburn $50.00
Jessica Hill
You have always inspired me!! Good luck Lady!
Anonymous $100.00
Aubrey Peruccio
Go Meaghan!!! You are amazing!
Auntie Dee $25.00
Gabrielle Peruccio
You go girl!
Kick butt Meaghan!
Kathleen Anderson
your determination and love of life is terrific
Alexis Rushton $15.00
Brian and Susan O’Sullivan
Good luck Meg! Always impressed by your work for this cause.
Katie, Allye, and Lillie Staunton
In memory of my favorite cousin, Sean! Have a great virtual marathon! I will miss cheering for you guys at mile 16.
Kristin Liberty
Keep up the fight and go get it girl!! ❤❤❤❤❤
Alexandria Wyse
You got this girl!!!! So proud of you!!!
Anonymous $100.00
Charlie Ring
Good luck!! Thanks to Steve Whalen for introducing me to your cause!!
Sheila Cusack
Meaghan, you're an amazing leader and inspiration! I love your spirit! Happy running! Sheila :)
Kelly J
Go girl
I love you so much and am so proud of the work you do and your spirit of giving. Grateful God chose to have us trudge this road together.
Patrick Mahoney $50.00
Mom & Gerry
Have a great run! See you at the finish line!!
Your such an inspiration so glad i know you, kill it out there love ya!
Kathy McGillicuddy
Meaghan - you are an inspiration. Your friendship and support has helped so many. Thank you for being there for LD. Good luck!
Juls Buchanan
So excited to be watching your amazing journey to The Boston Marathon 2020!!! Your gonna CRUSH it!!!!
Super Bowl Squares
Thank you to everyone who help support through this game!
Helen Chan
Best of luck!
Herman $50.00
Sangye and Reema $50.00
Rejina Shrestha
Small actions make big differences
Jacob Simmons $50.00
B.O’Donnell $50.00
Matt Hickman
Good luck with the run! Matt- City Realty
Christopher Timmins $50.00
I haven’t talked or seen you in years but your story is bad ass! And you haven’t changed at all (well you look the same ;) Keep inspiring.
Kristin Liberty $20.00
meaghan $20.00
Sangye Sherpa $50.00
Miles Lynch $50.00
josh fetterman $50.00
stephen whalen
Go get it Meaghan!!!
Mason & Carter
Go Auntie Meg!! We love you!! Xo
Jim Mac
Run like the wind!
Gray in Richmond
Thanks for all you do. Good luck with your training and Go Bulldogs!
Terry Cuomo
Go Meaghan!!
Donna Florence
Proud of you!
John Brownell
If you run real fast I'll sing you New York, New York.
Will Diamond
Back at it again!!
Brian and Susan O’Sullivan
Good Meg. Good job!

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