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The Boston Bulldogs Running Club will be represented for the 5th year in a row at the historic Boston Marathon in April 2020. The team will be running to support the Club, training together to prepare for the race - embraced by a community of friends, fam Learn More
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I am running the Boston Marathon to honor the memory of my brother. I promise to train hard and to do my best to raise awareness and money for the Boston Bulldogs so more people can experience wellness and self-leadership.

My brother Douglas died by suicide in March 2011 after fighting addiction to opioids and depression for much of his life - he was only 41 years old. From the night we got the call about his death, we decided it was important to be open, transparent, and honest. We didn’t want to feed the stigma associated with addiction and mental illness or sweep family history under the rug.

We participated in the Boston Bulldogs’ first Run for Recovery in 2016, and I joined the Bulldogs as a member a few months later. I know the Bulldogs would have embraced Douglas and I think about him nearly every time I run. I’ve seen how much the Bulldogs help and support people in recovery and people impacted by addiction. Real, candid and meaningful conversations happen when you’re running, and relationships and accountability grow.

Thank you for supporting me on this journey! I sincerely appreciate your support for the Boston Bulldogs Running Club and my fundraising. You can donate now with any major credit card hitting “Give Now” on the upper right. I appreciate it so very much.


Hi Michael, It’s been years. Congrats on finishing the race in support of such a great cause. Please say hi to Marcia from me. Mimi
John LaBelle
King of the dad jokes and king of the pavement! Congrats, Michael!
Fearless - you will do this!!!
In honor of Michael Weinstock & Robert Williams $250.00
Stephanie Harvey
Go get'em tomorrow!!
Keith Birmingham
Have a great race Michael! Enjoy every mile!
Susie O’Horo
Have a great run! Sorry you won’t have the crowds to cheer you on in person
Richard Kordas
Helping to reach your goal best of luck Uncle Richard
Flueckiger Family
We’re so proud of you & of all of your training you’ve done. We know Douglas is looking down & smiling upon you! Have a great run!
Lisa Kraxner
Hi Michael - adding another $26.20 towards your goal. Sorry no Boston for you, I know you’ve work so hard, and I sure was looking forward to following you in the race but will be watching you crush the virtual!
Anonymous $100.00
Brian Kerr
Carrie Anne Becker
Go get’em, BAFR! Here’s to your swift feet and strong legs!!
Alex $78.60
Sheila Cusack
Your commitment is astounding! Can't wait to see you along the course! Gerry and Sheila
Julie Somers
So impressed by you, the runners and this organization!
Kathleen Rowe and Matt Elman
John Trigg
OTF Natick Workout
Jessica Moran
Orange Theory Fundraiser class March 22
Carla and Rich Dempsey
Good luck Michael!
Kathleen Brownsdon
The story about your brother touched me.
Amy Bocks $50.00
Randy Elkinson
We are routing you on!!!
Frail Family
John $200.00
Bryan and Deb Keyt
Good luck and have a great run! Congratulations!
Christian D. Rishel $100.00
Tiffany Scheffler
Best of luck to you and the Bulldogs. You're a great example of why the running community is so dang cool.
Joel and Debbie
We are so very proud of you. Your commitment is inspiring, your fortitude is exemplary and your love for Douglas' life is truly amazing. Enjoy the day and your accomplishments
Samantha Gore
I am so proud of you Michael and thankful that we are cousins. I wish I had the chance to get to know Douglas deeper as we have the chance to do. Thank you for running for this important cause that has effected me so deeply, too. Love, Samantha
The O’Connells
Good luck!
Brian Socolow
Proud to donate in memory of Doug and in support of you. Have a great run!
mary kordas
Barbara & Les Gore
We are so proud of you for doing this and for everything else you do.
Susie O’Horo
Great winter for training so far. Good luck with your run. Enjoy! It is spectacular.
Jason Swan $50.00
Suresh Krishnan
For all 10 reasons.....and because "I have a feeling" you're the best....bro!!! I look forward to seeing you again.
Julie Levinson & Barry Schapiro
Have a great race, Mikey!
Josh Wechsler
Good luck Michael!
Jennifer Craig
Peter Villa from HWYRT
Looking forward to asking you "How Was Your Boston Marathon Today?" GO GET IT!!!
Run strong! You got this!
Darien McFadden
Michael, extremely proud of you and your commitment to this important cause! You’re awesome!! Good luck with the race (not that you need it)
Scott L
See you at mile 23!
Rob Brockway
Good luck ! Your old friend, Rob
Reason #11, you make me smile.
Freedom Green
Have a blast on your training journey and race day. You got this!
Becky Bryan
Michael, best of luck to you as you train for the Boston Marathon! Your story resonates very deeply with me. I lost my brother to suicide in 2001. He was 24 and also suffered from addiction and depression. I think the Boston Bulldogs is an amazing group and I'm so proud to donate. Again, enjoy your training and have an amazing race!
Amy B Goldstein $50.00
Jennifer Gensior
So proud of you!! What a great accomplishment!
Amy and Howard Goldman
Wishing you a successful marathon!
John Brownell
Rooting for you my man!
Kim Frick
Cheering you on from Switzerland! Happy to support such an inspirational runner and such an important cause. Run strong BAFR!
Patrice Bache
Such a wonderful tribute to your beloved brother! Good luck!
Robin and Matthew Alperin
Karin Mc
Good luck!
Niraj Sharma
Thanks for being so inspirational and for raising funds for a needed cause. You are awesome and you’re going to crush those hills!!!
Will Diamond
“Style! Profile! I said/ It always moves me back when I hear ‘ooh child’”/ from the Hudson River our to the Nile/ I run the marathon to the very last mile!” Love ya Bulldog Mike! Go crush it
Paul Trinh
What a beautiful way to honor your brother. You got this!
Cynthia and Pete Anderson $50.00
I’m happy to be able to support such a great cause and to honor Doug. ❤️
Kathy & Barry Zimmerman
This is so amazing Michael!! What an incredible cause and an incredible journey for you! Wishing you the best of luck! Kathy and Barry
Have fun running for a great cause.
Good Luck
Lisa Kraxner
Hi Michael - you are an inspiration. Wishing you a great training cycle and an amazing Boston experience!
Sue MacLaren
Thank you for being an advocate and speaking up about depression, suicide and addiction. Have a great race! Sue
What a great achievement for 2020! Happy to join you for those long training runs!
Donna Danis $100.00
Greg Jordan
Good luck. Look forward to catching up st some point.
Lance Stafford
In memory of a great brother whose kindness and humor made for great memories for so many. SX BX Emory U.
Martha Musto
I’m so excited for you! And crazy proud too
Gretchen Schneider
In memory of Douglas - Michael, I am amazed at all you have done to honor your brother and help others.
Lisa Goff $100.00
Nurul Huda Hassan
All the best, MG!
Can't wait to cheer you on in April!!! Tell me what you need (at mile 15.9), and you got it!! GO GET IT, Michael!!!!
Tash Elwyn
In loving memory of Doug
Adam Gleklen
For my little (fraternity) brother, Doug. May his memory be a blessing . . .
Sarah Bowen Shea
What's a little snow + ice to a member of COLGATE CREW!? Get after it, BAFR!!!
Liz Novak $250.00
Deborah Kurtz
With love - best of luck and thank you for the inspiration!!
Flo Fleming
Great Michael, Go, will be there for support
Corinne $25.00
Karen Hood
Go get ‘em Michael! A great tribute to Douglas’ memory.
Spenser Goff $13.00
Anonymous $25.00
Shara LaPointe
Best of luck!!
Janet Goodwin
Loved the video and donating with heartfelt support for reasons 1 and 2. Miss you and the other one.
Geri L.
Best of luck to you, Michael!
Love you!
Jeff & Gerri Plain
Such a wonderful group and glad you are so actively involved. Your brother would be very proud of your efforts. Do they have a team at Falmouth?

September 10, 2020 7:32 AM

2 more days! Here's the final/updated route if you're in the area on Saturday or just curious!

Thank you all for your support - now just keep your fingers crossed for good weather on Saturday! ;-)

August 24, 2020 10:25 AM

September 12 - Virtual Boston Marathon with the Boston Bulldogs

I hope you are all well and doing as best you can during this chaotic time. I wanted to share an update now that we've picked a day and route to run the Virtual Boston Marathon.

  • Here's my latest (and probably overdue?) video:
  • Here's the route the Boston Bulldogs marathon team will be running on September 12:
  • I'll be using an app called HollarHype that will let you follow me during the marathon and send voice messages that I'll hear on my run. If you're interested, go to the Apple or Andriod app store, download HollarHype and then click this link from your phone to join my group: (you can also search for "Michael Goff's Virtual Boston for the Bulldogs" in the app, but clicking the link from your phone is the easiest way to join).
  • I have a list of names of people who have lost their lives to addiction that I will be writing on the back of my race bib. Please let me know if you would like me to include the name of someone you love.

Thank you all again for your support and very kind words - I've logged a lot of miles and worked hard training since December, but it really is your support that will get me across the finish line.

Thanks again,


January 3, 2020 8:52 AM

Wow! It is a gross understatement to say how much everyone's support and donations in such a short amount of time have meant to me. Trust me when I tell you that this will make my training that much easier and so much more meaningful - thank you (and stay tuned for more updates)! ❤️

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