Boston Bulldogs 2020 Marathon Team - Tory Hayes

The Bulldogs will be represented for the 5th year in a row at the historic Boston Marathon, now a virtual event. The team will be training and running together to support the Club - embraced by friends, family, and community - kindhearted warriors all. Learn More
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I am very proud be running the 2020 Boston Marathon in support of the Boston Bulldogs Running Club. While not in recovery myself, I have watched over the last five years as the Club has grown into a pillar in the local recovery community. What started as a small group run at the Chestnut Hill Reservoir in has transformed into a network that counts hundreds of members across chapters in multiple states. How does this happen? 

From my perspective, it all comes down to impact. The Boston Bulldogs provide an accessible, caring network for those in the recovery community, coupled with realistic wellness goals. Together, these lead to real impact: people establishing structure for their lives, developing habits of wellness and self-care, and ultimately reaching a place where they too are able to give back. I hope you will support me in further amplifying the mission and message of the Bulldogs. 

You can donate now with any major credit card by hitting “Give Now” below. I appreciate it very much.

Thank you for supporting our community!

Hoo Hoo - you got this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Anonymous $100.00
I hummed the theme song to Rocky as I typed this... proud of you friend!
Richard Langan
Best of Luck, Tory!
Jamie & MoSo Henn
We are so excited for you! We can't wait to follow from afar - will be cheering from the mountaintops.
Adam R. Levine
All the best!
Sheila Cusack
Way to go, Tory! See you along the course! Sheila :)
Eliza M ONeil
Goooooo Tory!!!! With love, Sooz
Kyle Bogaert
Go Tory go!
Brooke. Steve & family
Wishing you a wonderful run!!
Jim Carter
A hydrated cell is a happy cell.
Eugenia Zangas and Bill Bogaert $300.00
Bobbi and Marvin Ross
Debbie & Andy
Good Luck!
Ellen Cohen
Go Tory Go! So proud of you.
David ONeil
Good luck Tory! Best.
Danny Fiddelman
We getting the sub-2 hour time this year?
Vic Henningsen & Susan McCaslin
Go Tory!
Jay Fiddelman
Way to go!
Stephen Romney $100.00
Sabrina and Jeff $250.00
Michael Kadra and Stephen Franklin
Much good luck on your run.
Lauren Stanzler
Way to go, Tory!
It's a great cause, Tory, and I wish you an exhilarating run--knowing that you are staying healthy and adding to the health of others. All the best, Ginger
Marjorie Stanzler
Tory, we will be rooting for you! Love,Margie and Paul
Maria and Bruce
Good Luck Tory!
Anonymous $500.00
Anne Romney and Tim Hayes $500.00
Go Tory!
Irene and Lynn Weigel
Sending those nice little golden wings to attach to your ankles! Hope the training flies past, and the big day is GRAND!
Tory- good luck with the training. Great that you are running for such a good cause. Bennett
jake davey
Nick Pollack
Good luck man!!!
James Tresner
Ay yi yi yi yi!
Sue Hubbard est
Here’s to a great run, Tory! Sue Hubbard
Woo Tory!!!
Jon, Liz, and Harper
Run Tory!
Kai Thaler
Run swiftly and jowly like the bulldog you are!
Michael & Glicka Kaplan
Tory, We will be cheering for you from New Hampshire!! SO EXCITED FOR YOU!!! Please be careful in your training on these icy crowded roads!! xoxo Mike&Glicka
Mark Berger
Go get ‘em broon!
Ben Romney $200.00
Wendy Berger
Good luck! Love, Wendy
Ned Henningsen
Good on you man! Running for a good cause. Pumped to get out there and cheer you on !

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