13th Cycling for Sight 2017

Please support the San Diego Center for the Blind (SDCB) and the Blind Stokers Club (BSC)

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Hello my name is Adam Zwolinski; I am a Blind cyclist. I lost my vision 10years ago due to diabetic retinopathy. I have had 25 eyes surgeries to save my vision. Unfortunately, surgeries did not work. After the surgeries, I thought life was at a standstill for me and life seemed to stop. When I found out about the blind stokers club, I found a new freedom in cycling. The San Diego center for the blind was a huge part of my recovery. I am proud to say I am an alumni of SDCB. Without these organizations, I do not know where I would be today; I thank these organizations.

Your tax deductible donation will stay in San Diego, to provide training and counseling to blind and vision-impaired adults in the region. A portion of each dollar will enable more BVI people to enjoy the simple pleasures of riding a bike. You can help build independence in living, and also foster team relationships in sport.

Barbara "BaaBaaRa" Scheidker
Adam, you are so awesome to still give 100% effort to the BSC even though you aren't able to ride with us this year. I am sneaking you an extra $15 bucks so that you will announce my name and that I am the proud leader of the Black Sheep Chapter of the BSC, when I finish my ride.
Barbara "BaaBaaRa" Scheidker
Adam, you are an awesome friend and I am so glad we have birthdays so close together. Looking forward to your announcement of my arrival at the end of CFS> Now I am going to get on my bike, so my arrival will not be in the sag wagon.
Anonymous $15.00
Adam, keep up the great work. Ken troop 2010

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