Barbara "BaaBaaRa" Scheidker

BaaBaaRa Rides Again for San Diego Center for the Blind

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Baaaa!  It's time for me to get on my bike and start training in earnest for this year's Cycling For Sight in San Marcos on July 15-16 in San Marcos.  This is nicely timed at just a week after my birthday, so here is your one-stop-shop for my birthday and Christmas gifts. . . please sponsor my ride and help out the San Diego Center for the Blind! (A portion of your donation goes back to the Blind Stokers.)

I am finding that my commitment to the Blind Stokers Club has moved beyond just cycling, and though I need the exercise, and love hanging out with the other riders, both sighted and vision impaired, especially when we are all hepped up on endorphins, I have found that it is  friendship with my blind/ visually impaired friends that means the most to me.   

My friend Adam Zwolinski lost his vision and all five toes on his right foot several years ago, due to complications from diabetes.  He is going home from the hospital today after receiving treatment for an infected toe on the other foot, and I probably would have ridden twice this week if I hadn't prioritized driving to Chula Vista and visiting him. Adam keeps an upbeat attitude that seems to carry over to me, and he is great company, even in the hospital. Here's a small-world coincidence-  he shared a hospital room with a man whose uncle knew Adam from the Center for the Blind, where HE had also gone when he lost his vision.

The Center is for people who lose their vision at some point during adulthood.  They do amazing work, and help people at their lowest and most vulnerable poing in life figure out how to negotiate the world without their eyes. Adam has deep gratitude for what they did for him.  Then there is the Blind Stokers Club, which is all about strength and fresh air and having fun. Come ride with us!  We  need tandem captains, as well as single riders who will help raise money.

Look for an update regarding my birthday.  I am thinking maybe we will go to La Jolla Shores this year.  I have a converted surf leash that allows me to swim tandem with a visually impaired friend, so all of us can have fun in the water, and maybe share a picnic.  In any case, please join me on the evening of July 8th, and please sponsor my ride!

Barbara "BaaBaaRa", Head of the Black Sheep Chapter of the Blind Stokers Club

Lori Mendez $25.00
Jenn T
Thank you for your service and riding for the San Diego Center for the Blind
Dan Clark
Congratulations Barbara! I heard you did a great job again this year with the club. I hope to see you at next year's event. If you don't remember me, you were my first time stoker a couple of years ago at CFS. You did a great job keeping us both riding to the finish. I have a new (and much faster) tandem now and hope we can get together for a ride some time. Hope all is well with you and your fami
Deanne R Veronneau $250.00
Todd brooks $50.00
A Inouye
Go, Barbara!!
Arlene Weinerman
Happy Birthday Belatedly T and A
Tali Tuchin
Way to go BaaBaaRaa!!! We love you!
ildong $10.00
Lisa Auslander
Best of Luck Barbara!! For A wonderful cause
Joyce Arovas
Good luck Barbara!!
Cynthia McGregor
Good luck! Thanks for your commitment to this.
Sonja Kuttnauer $25.00
Jeanne C. Milligan $50.00
Jeff Southerton $125.00
Hi Barbara, Sorry-missed birthday.Was busy here.I am on for cataract surgery in Fall,so surely support Blind Stokers. Pat
Peter $40.89
George $9.11
The McCulloughs
Happy Birthday!!!
Pat & Sherrie $100.00
Happy Birthday, Young Lady.
Ken Herman
Here's a little boost to get you closer to your goal for San Diego Center for the Blind. Ken
David Kuttnauer
To my favorite BSC groupie!
Anonymous $15.00
Amy Carstensen
Happy Birthday Barbara!
Stephanie Webber
Have a great ride Barbara!
Good luck on your ride and with your fundraising! You are an amazing mom! <3
Anonymous $100.00

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