13th Cycling for Sight 2017

It's that time again - the one time a year I ask for a little help!

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Hello Everyone!  

You may remember last year where I came forward and actually asked for a little help (something I rarely do).  Well, I'm back to serve another year for the Blind Stokers Club and to raise funds for San Diego Center for the Blind, the Blind Stokers Club, Challenged Athlete's Foundation, The Braille Institute and help the blind and vision impaired people of San Diego.  Make a BIG or SMALL donation and I will be eternally grateful.  
Thanks a lot!  Bradley. 

Kristen Martin
We are so proud of you guys and love you so much! Love, Kristen and Skylar
Qualcomm Matching Gift/Brent Rasmussen $50.00
Bop Design
In honor of your mother Michelle Cunningham
Claire Vincent
Kristen Martin sent me the information of your need. It isn't much but maybe every little bit will help.
Morgan Daniels
Love that you guys support such a great cause. Hope this helps! Morgan and Sarah
Rob and Lys
Keep up the good work team BARF!
Congratulations for taking this on, Bradley!
Allison Mellon
We love you guys and are happy to support! You continuously inspire me to be a better person.
the strobels
we love you guys!
Amanda and J
Let us know when the events are. We would love to come help. Amanda and J
Megan McGuire
This is such an impressive organization and event. Thanks for doing this and raising awareness. Enjoy the ride!
go team BARF! Love ya cuz
Brent Rasmussen
Thanks team BARF!!! Submitted for the matching grant from Qualcomm, but it may take a while.
LCC3 Construction Services, Inc.
Good luck and let me know if you need additional
The Fousters
Keep doing an amazing job
Gail and Jim Daniels
Thank you for thinking of others, and for using your time and talents for helping people.
Love you Bro! lLove that you share your time, effort and talents with others!

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