14th Cycling for Sight 2018

Please support the San Diego Center for the Blind (SDCB) and the Blind Stokers Club (BSC)

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Hello wonderful friends and family, this is BaaBaaRa (ask me to share the story of the Black Sheep Chapter of the Blind Stokers Club)- I am once again riding on my single bicycle, pedaling as fast as I can to try to keep up with the tandems and all of my amazing visually impaired friends and their sighted captains.  This is a special year for me,  and I want you to take a minute, just 60 seconds, and draw something on your hand.  You do not need to be sighted for this- it's entirely tactile. Ready?  Take your left hand and put it in front of you, palm facing you, and your fingers pointing to the right.  Lay your thumb gently on top of your index finger.  Now with your other hand, take your index finger and trace from the thumb to the base of your palm and then come back up just around the base of your thumb in a tight spiral.  Now make a circle over your fingers, the same size as the first one.  What did you just draw?  Hint:  the part you drew on your thumb is the handlebar. It's also a number.  

So yeah, I'm facing the big SIX-OH and I am wanting your help celebrating the fact that the number you just drew on your hand just a bicycle and I am going to ride my heart out (hopefully not literally) for the Blind Stokers Club and the amazing San Diego Center for the Blind, which is where your donation will go.  I want two things for my birthday, which are 1) a donation to Cycling for Sight and 2) for you to come to a party at my house, 4 pm on Sunday, June 24th and nothing else, please. Some of my blind friends will be there, and they will be happy to tell you more about the awesomeness of BSC and CFS and SDCB! 

Thank you!  Baaaaaa!

Qualcomm/Stephen Stewart
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Christian-Tuchin Family
Go Barbara!!!
Anonymous $15.00
Go Barbara GO!!
Peter Bruce Woodbury $50.00
Nicole R. Bissett $25.00
Leonard & Josephine Barbieri $20.00
Elliot Klayman
Stephen Stewart
Great to have you participating in CFS! Have a great ride and keep the rubber to the road!
Katie and Sam Wong $20.00
Dave White (thanks, Kutter, for twisting his arm) $20.00
Sonja Kuttnauer $20.00
David Kuttnauer $25.00
Paul Lambert
Happy birthday!
Angela Drake
Hope your party went really well!!! Angie and Emily
Robert Warren
Anonymous $75.00
Bretta and Alan $50.00
Paul Dickstein
Happy 60th. Welcome to the hexagenarian club.
Amy Gilstrap
Happy early birthday, and congratulations on meeting your goal.
Dorothy Deans $200.00
Deanne R Veronneau
L E Diamond
Love you, Mom!
Stephanie Webber
Have a great ride Barbara!
Liz Struve
Ken Herman
Great work for a great cause,
Janet and David Shalinsky $100.00

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