Bradley's fundraising page - 14th Cycling for Sight 2018

Please support the San Diego Center for the Blind (SDCB) and the Blind Stokers Club (BSC)

This page was created in support of 14th Cycling for Sight 2018 - Click here to join this cause


Hello Friends and Family,

Pretty much once a year I ask my friends for some help. I wholeheartedly believe in Cycling For Sight and The Blind Stokers Club. I do my best to participate through all the hectic work and life schedules and "life's little surprises" like getting concussions and broken faces (if you hadn't heard)...

Anyway, you all know the deal here. I ask you to donate a little cash to the BSC & CFS cause.

Click the link to donate and ANYTHING you give is exponentially appreciated. If you want to know more or would like to volunteer during the Tour, you only need to reach out to me and I'll talk all about it!

Thank you and much love and happiness! Bradley. 

Your tax deductible donation will stay in San Diego, to provide training and counseling to blind and vision-impaired adults in the region. A portion of each dollar will enable more BVI people to enjoy the simple pleasures of riding a bike. You can help build independence in living, and also foster team relationships in sport.

Click here, to learn how your Cycling for Sight donations help power the Blind Stokers Club.

Morgan Daniels $50.00
Melissa Woods
Woop Woop
Isabel Strobel
We love Team BARF
Abby Daniels
Happy to support Team BARF and this awesome cause!
james w danaiels
Go for it dude
Jeremy Durant
Enjoy the ride! -the Bop Design team
Lucille Auchmoody
Nice work.
Alissa C
Get it, Brad! Love that you do this. Good luck on your goal.
Amanda and J $50.00
We love you Rad Uncle Brad!
Evan Zuk
Keep it up guys!
Casey & Karla Foust $50.00
Bill and Jeanne Dawson
Thank you son
The Fousters
You guys are amazmonf humans ❤️

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