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This page was created in support of 17th Cycling for Sight 2021 - Click here to join this cause


Hello!  You've reached Barbara's fundraising page, which is a small miracle, considering how technologically challenged Barbara is.  She is going to write up an amazing and inspiring page about how great the BSC is and that the San Diego Center for the Blind has helped so many people who lose their vision as adults figure out how to get their lives back on track and to navigate the world and to continue to do the things they love, and how she has made the best friends in this club, and how the club is a model for how the whole world should be. . . STAY TUNED FOR A COMPLETE PAGE, but you can donate now, if you want.

Qualcomm-Matching Gift-Stephen Stewart $50.00
Stephen Stewart
Congratulations, Barbara! Great riding this weekend and thanks for all you do for the BSC!
Brent Avery $35.00
Anonymous $15.00
Go Barbara
Happy belated birthday. Peddle, peddle, peddle...for terrific people!
From Kutter and family
Shalinsky Family Trust
You’re the Gold medalist in my book. You bring so much to the BSC, thank you! It’s a pleasure to support you.
Tali Tuchin $250.00
Double trouble
Keep up the good work bahbahra kutter and I are unable to make the ride this year but love helping out you for all that you do
Cardiac rescue recognition, caring for a teammate in need.
Arlene and Ted
You go girl!
Happy Birthday
Myra Rodrigues $200.00
Aim Gilstrap
Happy Birthday Barbara! Best to luck to you as you do your cycling for sight this year.
Louise Diamond
Happy Birthday! Enjoy your ride! Love you!
Shirley Xu $200.00
Jessie Ji
Happy Birthday Barbara and having fun riding with your wonderful friends
Deanne R Veronneau $250.00
Ken Herman
Have a great ride AND stay safe!
BaaBaaRaa, you have a way of building and tending a nurturing nest for members in the BSC virtual garden - and its a thing of beauty.
Alix and Lily Marx $50.00
Elliot and Joyce Klayman $25.00

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