17th Cycling for Sight 2021

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This page was created in support of 17th Cycling for Sight 2021 - Click here to join this cause


Our organizations are excited to be rebounding from pandemic restrictions. Your tax deductible donation will provide training and counseling to blind and vision-impaired adults in the region. A portion of each dollar will enable more BVI people to enjoy the simple pleasures of riding a bike. You can help build independence in living, and also foster team relationships in sport.

Jeanne C. Milligan $100.00
Pfizer-Matching Gift for Karen Maegley
Pfizer Matching gift pd via Benevity (amt is minus Benevity's admin fee)
Pfizer-Matching Gift-Keith Wilner
Pd via Benevity
Andy Williams
Great cause David - all best for success!
Sorry it was delayed!! See you soooooooon!!
Anonymous $25.00
Steven & Barbara Pomerantz
Our cousin, David Shalinsky and his family have been part of amazing efforts of the San Diego Center for the Blind to make it possible for visually-impaired cyclists to do the "impossible" to ride to meet their "visions" of victory. Sincerely, Barbara L. Pomerantz
Coach Mary Ann
What a great cause David! Hope you reach your goal!
John & Janice Mede $50.00
Vicky & Chris Carron
Your determination and tenacity are amazing, David, and we are greatly blessed to count you among our friends. We pray for success for this event, and healing and peace for all involved.
Kaye & Doug Coates
Such a great cause!
Jeff & Delsee Altman
Via Schwab Charitable Fund- Jeff & Delsee Altman Charitable Fund
Claire & Arley Cornell
I am so proud of you, Dad!! You are an inspiration and I love you! <3 Bobear
Valeri & Phillip Dozier
Way to go David!
Warmest wishes to you!
Thanks for sharing your passion for cycling with the sight impaired. Such a great experience for everyone. :)
Randolph Christen
Good luck, David. Thank you for you continued dedication to and enthusiastic support of the San Diego Center for the Blind.
Mary Castro
Ride on my friend!
Bhasker V Shetty $100.00
In support of David Shalinsky’s participation in the 2021 Cycling For Sight event
Keith Wilner
I am IN! Can you let me know the date and place just in case I'm in town?
Dear David, So proud to consider you as my friend and happy support such an amazing and rewarding cause. Hope you’ll continue to participate 18 more years.
Warren and Pam Coon
Pedal hard, keep up the good work, and know you are appreciated.
Margaret Gregory
Ride on David!! Much love and support M
Anonymous $100.00
Great cause. Keep it going Dave!
David, you exemplify the "can do" attitude of the BSC- if the bike isn't working for you, get one that you CAN ride safely! Go for the gold, my friend!
Ruth and Bill Eddy
Glad to help!
Jim and Carla Moody
We feel honored and blessed to be able to support Dr. Shalinsky in this extremely worthy effort. Good luck!
Karen & Morgan Milligan
Ride on !!!!!!
Shauna Schneider
Blessings upon this great work that changes lives!
Hi David, I always like to support you any way I can. Stay safe.❤️
Cindy and Ted McCord
So delighted to support this organization, David, that you have given so much to in last couple of decades. This effort by you and so many others as truly been outstanding. Love, Cindy and Ted
Karen M
So glad you are still riding and raising money for this great cause.
Shalinsky Family Trust
Thank you friends and family for your vital support. Means the world to me!!

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