17th Cycling for Sight 2021

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I volunteer for the Blind Stokers Club because it is so important for me to help others who have special needs.  Once a year we  raise funds so the BSC can remain active.  Please help support this amazing group of people by donating to my Tax deductible Cycling for Sight page.  It's just that easy to help someone who has lost their vision!  

Douglas C Hoffman $50.00
Thanks for sharing your expertise, energy, and team spirit with all of us- especially the new captains and the B-group riders! We love you, Sue!
Qualcomm Matching Gift-Sue Stewart
Qualcomm Matching Gift-Sue Stewart
Addie PiƱon
Sue, you are amazing and a huge contributor to the community because of your dedication to enriching lives.
Sarah Jamison
Keep on riding! Love the folks who volunteer with this organization and allow the blind a chance to ride! :)
Cardiac rescue recognition, caring for a teammate in need.
Stephen Stewart
For participation in 2021 Cycling for Sight to my lovely wife!
Hello Amazing Sue, I am so delighted that I am your first donor, and this is also my way of celebrating my own successful registration for CFS, and I can't wait to ride on an official BSC ride with you and EVERYBODY DONATE TO SUE'S RIDE because she gives her heart and soul to the BSC!

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