Barbara "BaaBaaRa" Scheidker Rides Again!

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This page was created in support of 18th Cycling for Sight with Blind Stokers Club - Click here to join this cause


Hello Friends and Family of BaaBaaRa,

This is my 10th Cycling for Sight, and I couldn't be happier to be holding out my bike helmet once again for donations to the San Diego Center for the Blind, a portion of which is returned to the Blind Stokers Club.  I'm doing my best to keep pushing myself so that I can keep up with the amazing cyclists, both sighted and  BVI (blind/visually impaired). This fundraiser is THE big annual fundraiser for San Diego Center for the Blind, which is where you or I would go if we lost our vision as adults.  They have helped so many people adjust to and live happy and productive lives after vision loss, and they rely heavily on donations.  

Please donate to my bucket.  I promise to ride as fast and hard as I can, which won't be as zippy as it was in my first year of doing this, but I am trying!  I believe in this club, I love having friends who are BVI, and marvel at the fact that they can give me awesome directions on the road.  I want to do my bit to chip away at the lack of public awareness that just because somebody can't see, it doesn't mean they can't be a capable employee.  My BVI friends use their other senses and their wits to negotiate a world that is designed for people can see, and the skills they have acquired in order to get around and to find creative solutions are infinitely adaptable to the workplace.  

The big secret is that we will have a total blast riding together, not to mention having the good feelings of doing something positive for San Diego.  Please consider donating to this wonderful cause.  

Anonymous $50.00
I know this is late, but I hope your trip went well. Have a safe travel home.
Emily C Meyertholen
Best of luck! Sounds like quite an adventure!!
Don Barrie
What a wonderful thing you're doing, Barb! Happy to contribute :-) Don
Bob O
Goooo Baar baaa raa!
mike jennings
baaabraaaa go get em!
Myra Rodrigues
Congratulations Blind Stokers for maintaining this fundraising commitment for such an outstanding cause. Happy Pedaling! Myra (Toronto, Canada)
Daniel Markowitz
Go kick some butt! Wish I could be there.
Early Happy Birthday
Louise, Oz & Atlas
Enjoy your ride and be safe! Happy Mother’s Day! (And Grandma’s Day!) Atlas says “Aah!” and that he misses you. Oz and I miss you and we hope to see you soon. Love you!
Marc Narkus-Kramer
In honor of your new grandchild.
Stephanie Webber
Enjoy the ride Barbara - it's a great cause!
Christian-Tuchin Family
Way to go BaaaaBaaaaRaaaa!!
Shirley Xu $150.00
Jessie Ji
Go Barbara!
David R Shalinsky
Go get ‘em Barbara!!
Ken Herman
Great cause--have a safe and enjoyable ride!!!
Stoker Gary
No one does more for the Blind Stokers Club than Barbara! She is always encouraging everyone to strive to greater heights. She was instrumental in me reaching my goal this year.

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