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Dear Family and Friends,

I had the good fortune of taking classes at the San Diego Center (SDCB) for the Blind when my vision worsened. They taught me skills to regain independence! At the SDCB, I learned about this incredible cycling club called the Blind Stokers Club (BSC). (A stoker is the cyclist who sits on the rear seat of a tandem.)

I’m participating in an annual fundraiser put on by the BSC for the SDCB. I’d like to give back. Please support me ~ no amount is too small: Donate Now: Dales Page:18th Cycling for Sight with Blind Stokers Club - on GroupRev

I’m now out cycling regularly with my cycling club. It feels great!

You can give with any major credit card (link above) or mail a check to the SDCB. Your gift will help others like I’ve been helped.

Thank you for joining me!

Un abrazo muy fuerte,


Kevin Vigil $35.00
Barry and Sharon Schimmel $50.00
Dale Hoppenrath
Keep moving and all the best
Rosa Maria Hernandez
Dale, I am happy to support this organization which has been instrumental in assisting you in adapting to your challenges. Que siga con el mismo animo y espiritu optimista de siempre!
Tanika Vigil
¡Adelante--con ganas! Tu sobrina, Tanika.
Shelley Weston $50.00
Denys Vigil
Buena Suerte!
Mary Claire Vigil $100.00
Sue F.
What a great cause, Dale! I am sure you'll make your goal! :-)
Mark and Barbara Mugaas $100.00
Ray M Wahba
Hello Dale Hope all is well with you. Ray M Wahba
Bob Vigil $75.00
Buena suerte!!
Phillip Vigil $40.00
Looking good Dale. Good work with a great organization. Good luck!!!
Sheila A Towle
Great organization!
Phil and Alicia
Hope this helps.
Barry and Sharon Schimmel
Let's help others.
Ron Vigil
A good cause for all those who do more with less.

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