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19th Cycling for Sight with Blind Stokers Club

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In 2012 I retired my single bicycle. After a concussion resulting from a fall off my bicycle it was time to find another way to bicycle. With my bad central vision things come up on me too quickly when riding. After an internet search I discovered the Blind Stokers Club here in San Diego. Now with my partner and pilot Kevin Knapp I can still ride all over the place and not worry about seeing the road ahead. I can pedal on the back of the tandem and enjoy bike riding again.

Kevin and I will be riding in the 19th Cycling For Sight event this summer. It is a 2 day tour and fundraiser all in one. If you are able to support me in this endeavor please consider a donation; any amount is appreciated.

Gary keep on stoking
Keep cycling, hiking and climbing with the BSC!
Awesome athlete, all-around great guy, GO GARY! So glad you are riding CFS!
Happy Riding!
Sue Buttram $50.00
Dennis J $50.00
Mary Cleary $100.00
Stoker GD $100.00

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