19th Cycling for Sight with Blind Stokers Club

Please support the San Diego Center for the Blind (SDCB) and the Blind Stokers Club (BSC) Preview

The Blind Stokers Club (BSC) and San Diego Center for the Blind (SDCB) are excited to be hosting the 19th Cycling for Sight on the beautiful campus of the University of San Diego (USD). Your tax deductible donation will provide training and counseling to blind and vision-impaired adults in the region. A portion of each dollar will enable more BVI people to enjoy the simple pleasures of riding a bike. You can help build independence in living, and also foster team relationships in sport.

Bright Funds Batch 222
Pd online Via Bright Funds 10/28/2022
Kelly Lyon
Donated online via WePay 12/12/23023
Patsy Meisner
Donated online via WePay 12/12/2022
Donated online via WePay 01/03/2023
Hologic Corp
Sent via the San Diego Foundation thanks Patrick Nellisen.
Tony Morrison
Sent check to SDCB 12/2022
Thanks all you do for this organization and and many people they serve
Source: https://www.grouprev.com/CFS2023donate-susan-stewart
Linda Holland
Thank you for all that you do! Linda Holland
Source: https://www.grouprev.com/CFS2023donate-susan-stewart
Celebrating 19th Cycling for Sight with the Blind Stokers Club!
Source: https://www.grouprev.com/CFS2023donate-dave-white

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