19th Cycling for Sight with Blind Stokers Club

Please support the San Diego Center for the Blind (SDCB) and the Blind Stokers Club (BSC)

This page was created in support of 19th Cycling for Sight with Blind Stokers Club - Click here to join this cause


Nearly 20 years later, the value of enriching lives is still priceless. Will you join me? (You know you want to…

Anahita Bhathena
Kudos David! Love the vision!
Mary Castro
David you are awesome!!!!
Jane Hatkow
David, It's a pleasure to support your efforts for Cycling for Sight.
Kaye & Doug Coates
Way to go on almost 20 years!
Jenn and the boys
Thank you for all you do to support this organization.
Barb Major
Have a great ride!
Sally Welty $50.00
Anonymous $60.00
Go Blind Stokers
Ride on BRO...
Shirley Levy
Dear David, my pleasure❤️
Ilko Family
Doing great work David~
Anonymous $15.00
Claire Cornell
So proud of you, Papa! Ride on! Love, Bobear & fam
Robyn & Loren Shalinsky via Fidelity Charitable $100.00
Steve Leitner $50.00
Mel Bing
Have a great ride!
Tony Mansour
Keep on cycling David!
Tamar Uziel $36.00
Jesse & Emily
Gary Farrell
Keep on riding my friend!!
Happy birthday dear wonderful David! Let me tell you how I came up with $50 as a donation amount- it's today's date, with the numbers added: 6+21+23!
Happy Birthday young man!
Pam and Warren Coon
Thank you David, for your inspiration in biking for such a worthy cause. Our love and support are with you.
Anonymous $200.00
Glad to support this great group, David.
To infinity and beyond
Anonymous $50.00
Phillip & Valeri Dozier
Thanks for the reminder! I absolutely love the picture of you and Emily.
Randolph Christen
Thank you, David!
Bob and Betsy
Your dedication is amazing David. Go Team Shalinsky...
Gerrit Los $125.00
Ruth eddy
Love you guys!
Steve Davidsen
Thank you for carrying on your incredible work David!!!
Mary Ann Falcosky $75.00
Shauna Schneider
Great work! A gift for us to support!
Karen Maegley $50.00
Staci Pappazi
You do a good thing! Keep on keepin' on! :)
Cathie Sandison
Happy to help your wonderful cause, David!
Cindy and Ted
Hello David, We are always so eager to learn of your participation in the annual Cycling for Sight activity. And we are so glad to help support this worthy endeavor. Sending our love from the Rocky Mountains, Cindy and Ted
Jim and Carla Moody
David, it is our pleasure to continue to support your efforts with Cycling for Sight. Have a great ride this year!
Peter Smith
Keep up the good work Dave !
Nicole Brown
Hey David! Maybe we can ride together for the 20th anniversary in 2024???? You have made such a difference in your leadership role in creating this event and sticking with it over the years! Bravo!!!
Bhasker V Shetty $100.00
Yazdi K Pithavala $100.00
Karen and Morgan Milligan
Lots of love
Keith Wilner $100.00
Margaret Gregory
Happy to support such a great cause! You're my inspiration David :-)

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