2023 July 9-10 19th Cycling for Sight with Blind Stokers Club

Turbo needs a captain

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Turbo, who is 53, totally blind and developmentally disabled since birth, could use a $5 tax deductible donation. Her captain Shawn needs to raise $600 in a few weeks and is way behind as usual. Your donation helps people transition from a sighted life to something different as it goes to San Diego Center for the Blind and the Blind Stokers Club. Enough said….

Cath, Tschirn Thomas
Have a great ride!
Lisa P
Cycle on!
Claudine Niski
Go Stoker, Go!
Have fun bud!
J Lynn Foundation
Contact: Elena Lady Dougan
Michelle Yoxsimer $75.00
Kathleen Quinn
Good Luck!
Melanie Burton
Love how you do this Shawn ! All the best from Melbourne to you and Yoko x
Anonymous $50.00
Shawn needs a few angels, just saying.

June 21, 2023 1:31 AM

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