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Baa! You've reached Barbara "BaaBaaRa" (long story, just ask), and yes, the awesome BSC will ride on, despite the pandemic.  We are just being a bit more creative with our annual event, as well as letting people know that some of us are very financially strapped, and can't donate, but we still want you to plan to view our amazing VIRTUAL Cycling For Sight event on June 13th and 14th!  I have been asked to coordinate the music, which should be fun....this will be a live-action event, and this will give those members who are awesome athletes AND musically inclined, a chance to share their talents.  There's going to be lots more going on-  we'll be doing a "relay" on trainers (bikes in our homes, with some friction to make us work hard), there will be speakers from the community of blind and visually-impaired athletes, and we'll be able to give you a much better sense of the scope of our club, plus more information on the San Diego Center for the Blind, which is where people go when they lose their vision as adults, and need help re-configuring their lives. 

If you can donate even a small amount (I tested out a $5 donation just now)  PLEASE do, and if not, drop me an email and just let me know how you're doing.  We are all needing our friends right now-  this is such a weird time, and I also think we need inspiration.  Hopefully, the Blind Stokers Club can give you a nice dose of strength and energy! And please come "ride" with us!

Barbara "BaaBaaRa"

Elliot Klayman
Liza Ferrier
Great show, Barbara!
Arlene Weinerman
Stephanie Webber
Great event Barbara!
The Huntsman Family
You do so much for so many!
Hum a fig bar tune
Stephen Stewart
Mulit talented Barbara carrying the show! Musically and relay riding as well!
Anonymous $10.00
David Shalinsky
Barbara, You’re heart and giving to the BSC is phenomenal. I want to put your fundraising over the top. Welcome to the $1,000 club. You’ve Thank you for all you do!!
Lisa Auslander
Have fun at the event!
Tali Tuchin
Go BaaBaaRaa! xoxo
Louise Diamond
Hi Mom, best of luck on your ride! Love you!
Happy riding! So glad the event will still take place in a new, creative way!
Stephanie Webber $100.00
Chantal McCullough
Good luck and thanks for bike for a great cause!
Amy Gilstrap $10.00
Anonymous $250.00
Ken Herman
Happy cycling, Barbara!
I hope "5" is your special number

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