Dave White rides 16th Cycling for Sight 2020

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This page was created in support of 16th Cycling for Sight 2020 (Re-imagined) - Click here to join this cause


The story of the Blind Stokers Club (BSC) begins with the first Cycling for Sight (CFS) in 2005.  A chance invitation to the new event brought me and my family into a small group of cyclists, determined to make an impact on the lives of people with eyesight limitations.  I invited my tandem captain friends and blind stoker friends to meetup with the CFS tour group before the final few miles of the 3-day 225 mile tour.  On that day, we celebrated the success of the inaugural Cycling for Sight, and shortly thereafter began to recognize it as the beginning of the Blind Stokers Club (BSC).

Since 2005, the BSC has joined many hundreds people around the team sport of tandeming, and in many cases, people introduced for the purpose of sharing a ride together morphed into meaningful friendships.

In 2020, the BSC maintains a San Diego area active membership of 140, and BSC activities have expanded beyond cycling to other sports and social events.

Cycling for Sight remains the trademark fundraiser with our partner, the San Diego Center for the Blind.  The BSC's austere budget is primarily derived from CFS, and entirely applied to member outfitting and programs.

Your tax deductible donation will stay in San Diego, to provide training and counseling to blind and vision-impaired adults in the region. A portion of each dollar will enable more BVI people to enjoy the simple pleasures of riding a bike. You can help build independence in living, and also foster team relationships in sport.

Randall and Barb Angell
No shared riding in 2020 but staying in touch with our team.
John Kirk
Thanks for your leadership Dave, and for connecting me to Tiff to keep the tandem in tip-top shape!
Tony Morrison $1,111.11
The Hesser Family
Thanks to the club for all they have done for Christina.
Barbara "BaaBaaRa" Scheidker
Is it a figment of my imagination, or did you just give me my first fig bar? In any case, three cheers to our amazing FIGurehead, which Webster defines as 1) the figure, statue, or bust on the bow of a ship. Thanks for guiding the great ship BSC through the stormy seas of 2020.
Douglas C Hoffman $25.00
David O'Brien $100.00
Barbara "BaaBaaRa" Scheidker
Dave, thanks for all your patience with me as I once again struggled through the creation of my fundraising page, but I have succeeded, and this small donation is given in celebration of another year of taking part in Cycling for Sight, despite my baaaaad skill set when it comes to anything involving technology.
Carol D Carr
For Dave White: great to know you are still helping your wonderful organization.
Love you Dad!
Donald English $500.00
Leo Wlletts
Keep up the pedaling.
Have a great ride, Dave! Be well.
Mark and Donna Cardenas $100.00
Mike Henderson
We are grateful for all you and the organization does for the community. You have always been a fantastic resource to go to, learn more, and provide ideas for other areas and clubs. Thank you for your dedication.
Jonathan Hebert
Dave, I hope you make your target. Thank you for keeping this event alive. It was fate that it came to your hands and you connected the dots and introduced the event to the world of tandems to become what it is today. Truly honored. Thank you!!
Cathy and Bobby
Good work you’re doing Dave. Proud of you.
Hope your 16th CFS is BEST ever!
Barb and Randall Angell
2020 greetings to BSC and Dave White

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