16th Cycling for Sight 2020

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Hey, how about a bike ride this Saturday? Sure, sounds great.

But imagine if you were blind or seriously vision impaired? Riding a bike, well, I wish I could but....

Kevin Knapp and Jaime Gonzalez and the Blind Stokers Club

This year I am teamed up with Jamie Gonzalez for the 16th annual Cycling for Sight 2-day bike ride.

We have already ridden many miles together around San Diego County with many more miles planned.

Cycling for Sight (CFS) is our annual fundraising event. Imagine for just a moment if you enjoy bike riding and then you lost your sight, or if you never had sight in the first place; riding a bike or doing everyday things would be daunting or near impossible.

Please consider donating to this very worthy cause. Your tax-deductible donation will stay in San Diego, to provide training and counseling to blind and vision-impaired adults in the region through the San Diego Center for the Blind. A portion of each dollar will enable more BVI people to enjoy the simple pleasures of riding a bike with the Blind Stokers Club.

Thank you for your support.

Kevin Knapp

NOVO is proud to support Kevin and Jamie is their amazing accomplishment.
Nora Mead
Kevin and Jaime, best of luck with your cycling, and keep on going!!!
Barbara "BaaBaaRa" Scheidker
Hello awesome Kevin, I miss riding with you and Levi. Maybe you and Jaime and I can ride together soon. I'm happy that BSC rides on, even though we had to move online.
NOVO Engineering, inc. - Employee Match
Way to go Kevin and Levi!
Nora Mead
Great job! I'm proud of you!!
NOVO Engineering, inc.
Keep up the the good work!
Kevin Knapp
Kevin and Jaime - Ready for CFS - Let's climb some hills!

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