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This page was created in support of 16th Cycling for Sight 2020 (Re-imagined) - Click here to join this cause


Your tax deductible donation will benefit The Center for the Blind and the Blind Stokers Club. These special people have touched my Heart and I hope you will be moved when you hear or see how these brave friends of ours approach each day with its many challenges. Check out

Please Help with funding!!

Ficus carica
Figured you can use a boost
Barbara "BaaBaaRa" Scheidker
Sue! You are so close to your goal, and this is my shout-out to you for your awesomeness and a nudge to your supporters to help put Sue over the top.
Joy Oostra
Just got back from 2 months in North Carolina, so behind in my BSC participation. Glad to be back and wanted to help!
Anonymous $10.00
Thanks for your dedication to CFS and to training new captains Sue! I hope to see you again on the road soon!
Qualcomm Matching Gifts- Stephen Stewart $300.00
Steve Myrick
You go girl.
Barbara "BaaBaaRa" Scheidker
To my dear friend Sue, thanks for helping me get set up with a trainer so I can continue to ride through this crisis with BSC! You are such an inspiration- I love it that you've been in touch with all of us during Steve's journey from his accident to actually getting back on his bicycle. We all need inspiration right now, and I know when I think about Steve doing everything in his power to get ba
Jonathan Hebert
Have a great experience Sue.

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