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Hi Everyone!

This Summer I will be traveling to Estonia for a Summer Missions Trip with my Church! I have felt like the next big step in my faith would be to participate in a missions trip to witness the work of God throughout the world! For the past few years, my Church has been partnering with the organization Josiah Venture to put on a soccer camp for teenage boys in Talinn, Estonia. While there, the team and I will be guiding the youth in their soccer training, as well as sharing the gospel with them through stories and personal experiences!

While preparing for the trip, there are a couple ways you can support me: first, I would appreciate your prayers for me and the Estonia team! Prayers for safety during our travels, and prayer that we would be able to connect with the Estonian boys and share the love and hope of Christ with them! The second way you can support me would be to donate as this trip is self-funded. With your help, I'm looking to raise $2950 by 5/13! You can donate by clicking on the "Give Now" button, or if you prefer sending cash or check, you can email me at

Thank you again!

Micah Hendley

05/19/2024 Estonia 2024 - Hendley (Cash 05/19/2024)
Christopher Sanchez
06/16/2024 Estonia 2024 - Hendley (Cash 06/13/2024)
Liguori Family
I hope it is a very rewarding experience.
The Kietas
Have a safe trip!
Jacob Luc
Hope your mission trip goes well! You gotta tell me all about it once you're back
Anonymous $250.00
Donna J. Woo
05/12/2024 Estonia 2024 Hendley (Ck#122 05/19/2024)
Matt Andringa
Praying for you! Can't wait to hear how God uses you and your team on this trip.
Have a great trip! May God use this experience to draw you closer to Him.
CVCC Fundraiser - Tacos
05/01/2024 Estonia 2024 Hendley, M. (Cash 04/21/2024)
Mrs. Yoshihara + Brandon!
So proud and excited for you this summer Micah!
The Bosanko Family
Praying for you!
Daniel Goodrich $100.00
So proud of you!! Praying for this trip.
Zoë Myers
Ahh! So excited for you! This trip was so incredible when I went and I know it’ll be the same for you! Looking forward to hearing how God works in and through you on this trip. Praying for unity with your team and willing/receptive hearts!
The Bocks
So glad you’re able to go to Estonia this year! Blessings to you and the team!
Randy & Carolyn Long
We pray you can connect well w the soccer players Micah!
Joel and June Hendley $100.00
Danny Lecaro $75.00
Uncle Matt
Looking forward to seeing all of you soon. Happy to see you’re going to spread the Word in Estonia. I hear it’s a beautiful place.
Anonymous $50.00
Estonia $17,558.48
Christopher Sanchez $2,950.00
Luke Miller $5,900.00
Estonia Group $1,578.48
Micah Hendley $2,300.00
Chad Bishop $0.00
Pretoria Wenz $1,905.00
Skyler Esquerra $2,925.00

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