Drew Rossi 2019 Lymphedema Walk

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Drew, our second daughter will be two on March 9th. She was born with a swollen left foot without any answers. It soon was obvious to us that she was swollen on her left side from her waist down. No one knew where to send us. This was extremely frustrating, anxiety producing, exhausting, and worrisome. We continued to take her for testing, looking for answers, but nothing was confirmed. After a year plus of routine follow-ups, ultrasounds, and blood work, the definitive diagnosis was made in July 2018. We are so thankful to finally have a diagnosis, Primary Lymphedema. This means she has a congenital disorder causing a malformation in the lymphatic drainage system specific to this area of her body only. Instead of the body circulating and filtering lymph fluid throughout the body, the lymph fluid in this area collects in the subcutaneous tissues causing swelling.

The challenge now is learning how to help Drew live with this chronic progressive disease. There are no treatments, just preventative measures. She wears a compression stocking during the day, and a nighttime garment at night to help control the swelling. Our family is getting involved to share Drew's story in order to raise awareness, help other families without direction, and support the Lymphedema Treatment Act to gain medical coverage for compression garments. March 6th is World Lymphedema Day. We will be lobbying in Washington D.C. to support the cause on Friday March 29th, and on Saturday March 30th we will be joining the D.C. Lymphedema Walk. We are asking for any support towards Team Drew Drew Bean! She is an amazing young girl with a huge personality, and she will be a great role model throughout her life for those who struggle with Lymphedema. Please join us this year and help support and raise awareness for this rare disorder that most in the medical profession know little about or how to treat.

Monique Senese $25.00
Alaina Skiber
Love and miss you guys! Xoxo -Alaina Skiber
Sydney and Drew Rossi
Bruce & Natalya
I hope you guys are able to find solutions and we wish you all the best.
Sue and Rich Dupont $50.00
Eric Johnson $50.00
Charlotte Jackson $30.00
Steve & Lindsay Shamoian $50.00
Tara Fitzgerald $25.00
christine lundy $150.00
Kathy Petrocelli
Kerri, I am praying for complete healing for Drew
Joyce and Jeff Dore $50.00
The Moore Family
Good luck guys!
Shawna Moore
Hi Guys: Good Luck on your walk on Friday. Gooo Drew!
Remi and Taylor! $20.00
Al Pacelli $100.00
Friends of Dorrie and Reed in Tampa. Happy to donate on Drew’s behalf!
Your Aunt and Uncle are so proud of you!
Aurigemma Family $50.00
Dee Weber
Wishing you all much success in Washington pushing for more research to allow your Drew Drew and others like her have a better future! Warmly, The other Polish Nurse!
Roy & Andra Nelson
Love the Nelsons
Heather and Bob Kelly
Way to go!
Lynn Beard $50.00
Kevin & Susan Timony $50.00
Pat & Dan Tanona $50.00
Drew’s 2nd cousins from Tampa- Owen, Cannon, Reese & KR! $100.00
Madison and Charlotte $100.00
Mike, Heather & Alison Kulesza $50.00
Beth Aaronson
Wishing you a very successful fundraiser!
Michael, Kelley, Alex & Patterson
We love you all!
The Gerstenmaier’s $50.00
Kevin Esplin $100.00
Gazes Family $25.00
Patricia Rudolph
So sorry to hear. I’ll keep you and her in my prayers . If there’s anything I can do to help let me know. Pat Rudolph
Tracy Padhya $100.00
Robert E Sanchez
Janet Deering
Sending love to you.
All the best..... from Tampa!!
Jim, Emily, Ryan, Brendan, & Claire Murphy
We love you guys! Drew is the best!
Kenny $30.00
Pamela and Jim Lundy
Sending lots of love and support!
Linda Hodgkins
You are an amazing family, and So grateful for your commitment to the lymphedema community.
Michele and Alan Watson
You are an amazing family. Thank you for representing CT at the DC Walk & Rally!
Scott & Kathleen Tanona
Happy BDay Drew!
Courtney Kerr $50.00
Auntie Beth
Lets Keep it going!!!!!! Happy Birthday Drew Drew Bean!! Love Auntie Beth
Drew M Rossi
A Little birthday gift to myself!! Let’s get walking!
DiMauro Family
We are so proud of you guys on this endeavor!
Diana Donovan $125.00
Barbara (Isola) Inserra and George Inserra
Our thoughts and prayers for your beautiful great niece
Kristin Vidile & Michael Rocks $200.00
Susan Mulherin
In hopes for a cure for Drew. With love.
Carina & Nora Tranchida
We can't wait to play with you! <3
Frumberg family
Janet & Crick Murphy
Debbie & Dave Gilroy
God Bless your sweet child. Prayers for more research and a breakthrough!
Morgan Farrell
Drew’s Crew
Matt G $20.00
Alfred & Sharon Marengo $5.00
Alison + Robbie Tranchida $50.00
Mary & Stan Kulesza
We luv u Drew Drew Bean
Erin & Jim Ford
Ann-Marie Brosnan $25.00
Meryl DiDio $50.00
Bronwen Evans
What a great way to spread awareness!
Meg & Gregg Williams
Love you guys! Give Drew lots of kisses from us in Michigan. Praying for a cure.
Lucille Babcock $75.00
Swailes Family $75.00
Tracie Neuhaus
Aw, what a tough road. But if Drew has half the personality of her dad, I'm sure she's a fighter and keeps you all on your toes!
Love you!!!
Karl T Rudolph
Your in our prayers
Ken & Mary Rhuda $50.00
Megan Eorio-Panza and Family
Big hugs from California!
Ellicott Family $50.00
Lauren Carnell
Love you guys!
Good luck Drew. Carp.
Dorrie and Reed Murtagh
Love you guys! So proud of you!
Shay Hogan $30.00
Nicole LeBris
Sending love and support!
Jim & Ruth
Jim & Ruth
Katie $25.00
Rita jagemann
"Thoughts and prayers are with you! Drew is such a cutie hope they find some answers soon Love you guys Rita "
Nancy & John O'Neill $50.00
Josh L $50.00
Natalie & John Ford
You guys are amazing! We love you Don, Kerri, Syd and Drew!
Heather $100.00
Michelle Potvin $100.00
Love you drew drew
Rich & Val Lava
Beautiful child! Sorry we cannot join you in DC but let us know when there are events in NYC. Drew is lucky to have devoted parents and a loving family.
Jana Bromell
Dylan & I will keep Drew (& your family) in our thoughts! Good luck with everything ❤️
Cathy Bigler
Sending my love and prayers.
Maria & Keith
You're the best for doing this!
GG Rossi
I love you all so much! Proud of you and my entire family. Our Drew will be a role model for countless others. I’ll be cheering for you on your walk !
Maureen Ogden
I will keep you all in my prayers. Keep fighting!
The Mulholland Family
Love you guys!
Jack Love
Friend of Dorrie and Reed
Jim and Eileen Tucci $100.00
Kathleen Piccoli
Hope they find a cure.
Robert Labra
We are saying a prayer for Drew and family that something more than compression stockings can be found for such a beautiful little girl and all others who have this ailment.
Eileen and Al Caron
With Love !
Jeff, Erin, Daniel & Derek Kulesza
We love you Drew Drew Bean!!!! Your smile is infectious and lights up the room! We will be cheering on your walking team!!! Love you all to pieces!!!!
The Leahy Family $100.00
Petr, Kara Blake & Siena
Drew Drew bean
Chris, Katie, Michael, Harper and Joseph Bohren
Love you guys!
Maureen Hoey and John Malar
"What a beautiful child! We are so happy to contribute. Maureen & John (friends of Don Sr.)"
Beth and Tom Botta $100.00
Pat Stone $25.00

March 9, 2019 1:30 PM

What a great birthday gift for Drew Drew Bean! We woke up this morning and our goal was reached. We are speechless with the amount of support since we started this only 1 week ago. Each donation has been overwhelmingly appreciated. More importantly, our mission to spread awareness about Lymphedema has been a success. Now let’s continue these efforts to raise awareness, reach a cure, and raise our goal. Happy Birthday Drew!

March 4, 2019 1:24 PM

Don and I can not believe after a few days how much has been raised to support Lymphedema and Drew Drew Bean! This is more than we had imagined we could collect in such a short time. We are so grateful to everyone who has donated so far. More importantly, we are happy to spread awareness about this rare disorder that so many live with on a daily basis. Lymphedema is a lifestyle for those who suffer, and daily management is a constant reminder of their disease. 1 in 6, 000 suffer from Primary Lymphedema. This is not to mention those with secondary Lymphedema. Again, we truly appreciate all the support. Let’s go Team Drew Drew Bean in reaching our goal.

Drew Drew Bean $8,585.00
Don and Kerri Rossi $8,585.00

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