DMD Gives Back to support Doctors Olen and Danae in Chad, Africa

For the upcoming Doctor's Day, DMD is giving back to buy a security system for doctors serving the medical needs of people in Chad, Africa Preview

From DMD Olen Netteburg: 

My wife and I are missionary physicians in Chad, Africa. Years ago, we purchased a video surveillance system for our hospital to prevent theft and it worked really well. Before the system, people were stealing from us and impacting our ability to treat the community. 

Well, then the thing broke (heat and dust and unstable generator-driven electricity) and we moved our pharmacy and cashier and lots happened, but we didn’t replace it.  Now, everybody knows it’s gone and there is definitely some shady stuff going on again, so we need a new one. 


From Curtis Webster, Founding Father of Dads Married to Doctors, LLC:

When Olen shared this post in our private Dads Married to Doctors group, he immediately gained the attention of several members who wanted to help.  A fellow DMD who provides security camera equipment and consulting has put together a package that will replace and upgrade Olen's system.  

Since Olen and his wife, Danae, run their hospital on a shoestring budget, DMD Gives Back is asking the membership and any community supporters to help us raise the necessary funds to give back to these doctors who have graciously given so much of their expertise and time to those who need it most!

Thank you for your donation... every dollar helps!

Kevin R Cotter $50.00
Kay Man
Matt Johnson $100.00
Kevin R Cotter $25.00
Dominic Del Vecchio $20.00
Townsend $25.00
Luis Cobos $100.00
Hunt $25.00
Dustin Larson $25.00
Tejas Mehta $25.00
Thomas Benjamin Sam $50.00
David McMillen $50.00
Kevin Arndt and Dr Rachel Lusby $25.00
Dobbins Family
Anonymous $50.00
Eldar levary
Amazing job guys!
Adam Nadel
Jay Salliotte & Dr. $100.00
Faisal Sal $100.00
Travis Withers
Good luck with your new security system.
Mike $40.00
Anonymous $100.00
Peter Yen $25.00
Tom Raschka $100.00
Andrew prose $55.00
Good luck from South Carolina
Brian Mandell
Keep up the good work
Matty Morgan $25.00
Jayme Shelton
Thank you for stepping up to help organize this!
Josh Bord $20.00
Eric Ellsworth $150.00
Abe P.
David Crowther $100.00
Ken Wan
Todd Johnson $75.00
Valerie Mouton
A security system for Olen's hospital in Chad Africa is important and so glad I'm contributing to a great cause. This touches my heart on Doctors' Day. Best Wishes!
Matt & Becky Dewyer $25.00
Blake $50.00
Pete $50.00
Brian Thompson $50.00
Ian M
If the new security system isn’t ED-209 as manufactured by Omni Consumer Products, I don’t know what we’re even raising money for.
Brian Parsons
God Bless. Take care.
Lefebvre family $25.00
Anonymous $300.00
Chad Council
James $100.00
Jason $50.00
Jordan Worley $75.00
Vincent Roth
Thank you and keep up the good work. I enjoy reading your blog and appreciate the good work you are doing.
Chris and Taryn McGilvery
Honored to support the Netteburgs and their team for providing life saving support to those in Chad, Africa. Happy Doctors Day!
Vince Fose DMD $50.00
The La Charite Family $25.00
Bill Ties
Thanks for what you are doing to make a difference in the world!!
Sean Bannon $25.00
Chintan Patel $50.00

March 28, 2019 2:09 PM

YOU ARE SO AMAZING!!!!  Thank you so much for your generosity and support!

Step 1 is COMPLETE!  We have funded the security system.

DMD GIVES BACK would like to take our efforts a step further and see if we can now fund SHIPPING and INSTALLATION.

We are going to raise the goal to $5,000 to see how much extra support we can provide to the Netteburgs!  

Every little bit helps and is much appreciated!  Please share this fundraiser with your community.

 - Curtis, Founding Father, Dads Married to Doctors (DMD)

March 25, 2019 7:50 PM

WOW. Over 80% of the goal was reached in less than 2 days. 

Due to your generosity and to requests from the community, we have extended the timeline for this fundraiser. 

The $3000 will help us fund the security system for the hospital. Any additional monies raised will allow us to help and Give Back in other areas and ways!  

I’m so proud to be part of an organization that values uplifting society and contributing to the betterment of our world! 

- Curtis Webster, Founding Father 

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